How to be financially stable in Canada after immigration?

By on June 28, 2018
financially stable in Canada

Canada is a highly preferred destination amongst immigrants from India because of the quality of life it offers. However, they may find it a little challenging initially to be stable on the financial front. It may require a little extra effort in the initial months to build a balance, however, things will gradually improve as the time passes by. This blogs has a few tips compiled by the best immigration consultants Canada which can be done in order to build a strong financial backing quickly after migrating to Canada.

How to be financially stable?

No matter whether you are seeking a PR, Work Visa or even a study visa to Canada, there will be financial issues in the first few months. Hence, it is recommended that you carry along with you surplus cash and maintain enough bank balance in advance before you get to migrate to Canada.

Apart from the above mentioned tip, you should also remember to seek a Social Insurance Number and apply for the same at the soonest possible. This is required for finding a job as well as accessing the multitude of benefits that are offered by the Canadian government. Best Immigration Consultant Canada advice that immigrants having children can also apply for the child benefit that government offers. Under this scheme, the parents will be receiving a sum of money that shall be tax – free to care for their children who should be below 18 years old. Immigrants can also submit in their applications for acquiring a provincial health card. In cases of waiting periods for the healthcare allowance to initialize, best immigration consultant Canada suggest to opt for a personal medical cover.

Tips to manage money:

Whether you are a PR holder or have a study visa to Canada, this tip is going to come in handy for all of you. One of the prudent things that immigrants can do before migration is to apply for a Canadian Bank Account. Best Immigration Consultants Canada suggest immigrants to check for any free waivers that the bank may offers during the first year. Also, request for higher exchange rates can be placed when you are willing to transfer money in huge sums back at your home. In cases of small amounts being transferred, you can make a wise decision by purchasing for best rates. As per than rule of the Canadian government, an immigrant will have to pay the taxes for the sum total income that he is making from all over the world and not just Canada. In such cases, you can seek the help of best immigration consultants Canada to assist you in saving taxes.

Cut down on your expenditures: 

This may sound a little difficult, but with focus on the right things is quite achievable. Most immigrants migrate on study visa to Canada with a very minimal amount of resource in their hands. Hence, being cautious of where you are spending and how much you are spending is essential. It is ideal to not splurge on materialistic commodities or luxuries and entertainment, till a certain amount of financial stability has been attained. Also, if possible, consider investing your money into real estate or honing your skills. Such investments are sure to reap your great return of investment in the future.

A good credit rating will be beneficial for you to acquire bank loans for purchasing a car or home. You can also seek the guidance of experts to invest money in sources which can lead to great returns.

Also, it is ideal to stay in touch with your best immigration consultants from Canada to seek guidance and support regarding building a financial backing in Canada.


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