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1st October consists of International Coffee Day across the globe. A coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia during the 11th century. So, Ethiopia is the first producer of coffee and one of the top coffee exporters in the world. First of all, the leaves of the coffee plant are used for medicinal purpose, i.e., the leaves were boiled in the water resulting in the concoction. And then slowly, the real use of coffee came to be known.

Well most of us are coffee lovers for sure. A day is impossible to start without a cup of a coffee or a day remains incomplete without a cup of coffee. Coffee has become a part of our diet. Some of us drink coffee for the sake of a drink. For some coffee acts as a stress buster and for some of us coffee is like an energy booster which boosts your tiredness and makes us feel active.

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But the question is even after this immense love towards the coffee, how many of you actually celebrate the International Coffee Day in a proper way? And how well do you celebrate the day?

If you never celebrated this day, then it’s not too late even. You can celebrate the International Coffee Day in these few ways:

  • Learn a Coffee Quote.

If you want to express something to someone or just want to express your views and emotions, words are the best way to do it. There are quotes which help us to express the deeper feelings and views about anything. So learn a new quoted regarding coffee.

  • Learn and try a brewing method.

There is no barrier to learn something new and interesting in tour loge. The best way to celebrate this day is to try out a new brewing method by learning it through the internet or from professionals.

  • Read articles and blog on Coffee.

There are so many things that you don’t know about coffee. And to know about it this day especially, the internet is the best thing. The Internet is a digital encyclopedia. It’s a place where you can gain more and more about so many things about a particular thing. And there are tons of materials and facts on coffee online where you can know trendy and fascinating facts about coffee.

  • Attend coffee cupping.

Cupping is a process where a professionals rate coffee. And now a day’s these cafes also host a coffee cupping where the customers can take part and have fun in this method. And this way you will learn a lot of things about coffee and will understand the feelings of people regarding coffee and stuff.

  • Get a coffee subscription.

Getting a subscription from a coffee shop is the best thing. What is the best thing rather than getting a coffee at your door? So try to get a subscription where the cafe will provide you with their best coffee.

  • Read a book about coffee.

Books are our best friend. And books are full of knowledge and facts. If you are a book lover or want to know more about coffee deeply, then go for it. A book can never let you down. You will get to know a lot about coffee, its discovery, history, largest coffee producer, top coffee exporters of the world and etc. If you want to know the chemistry between water and coffee, then make sure to read WATER FOR COFFEE.

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