How To Choose An Inflatable SUP?

By on February 8, 2019
Inflatable SUP

The key to achieving any goal is, we know, motivation. But it seems that we often run out of motivation when we want to do something good for our health. American fitness coaches, however, have found training that is easy to learn at the same time, great for muscles throughout the body and crazy funny – Stand Up Paddling, or upright rowing on surf boards. The reasons are obvious. The SUP technique is intuitive, does not require any foreknowledge or form. While you are doing SUP, all muscles are working on the body, and you are dosing intensity yourself. And, no less important, while you are doing SUP, you are actually a surfer with a inflatable paddle board.

When you know that SUP has developed from surfing, it is assumed that it brings that special surfer effect. But if your goal is a serious training, not a sightseeing, you are still in the right place. The intensive training technique is the same as the initial one, you just go faster. Learning for 30 minutes or less, and already at the first turns you activate all the muscles on the body. It’s very intuitive and everyone can handle it with minimum instructions.

How to get started?

The simplest option is to rent a SUP weekend board, learn sport in the first half hour, then enjoy. At the same time, you will immediately understand how intensely you want to dedicate yourself to SUP, which will help you choose the board that suits you best.

What kind of board to choose?

Stand Up Paddling is basically a super-simple sport. However, this is valid only with properly selected equipment. Here’s what you have to watch:

Rule no. 1 is the right choice with regard to your body structure. It is important that you choose the ideal volume of the board, otherwise you will be tormented instead of enjoying it. Because of the wrong first step you can easily come to the wrong conclusion that this is not a sport for you (and we know it is). Rule no. 2 is to choose the right type / model of board for what you are physically ready, or what you want from this sport, recreation or serious training. Not all boards are the same, Allround models, Touring models, Surf models, Fun – Race models, of course, the Pro Race models or Kids, or children’s models, are the ones you need to choose. Try at least two different models before buying, just be careful, maybe you want both! Also manufacturer’s Choice! As with the purchase of cars, check who guarantees durability, who has the best price and quality ratio, and who is leading the way in new technologies.

In the case of inflatable boats, load capacity is obtained by dividing the boom volume from 3 and adding depending on the construction +0 to +10 kg. For example, the 285 l volume will have a load of 95 kg to 105 kg. If you add 0 or 10 kg, it depends on the construction, materials and shape of the board, i.e. length and width ratio. If you choose too large board, nothing terrible will happen, you can take with you a child or a dog. Too small, however, will cause problems, you will fall more often in the water.

By knowing this information, you will definitely be able to choose the right inflatable SUP, but surely when buying, there are experts who will help you further. It is up to you to take good mood with you, to relax and enjoy the SUP!

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