How to Find SEO and Digital Marketing Experts for My SEO Project

By on February 19, 2019
Digital Marketing Experts

There are many companies out there and individuals representing themselves as SEO experts, digital marketing experts, and SEO Masters. However, only about half of those who claim to be, are actually perfectly qualified and either don’t have the experience, or don’t have the knowledge out there to get the job done right. This article is going to explain some details about how to find SEO & digital marketing experts for my SEO project (my project being YOUR project).

Common Mistakes

The first common mistake is using Google as your main search engine to target. You don’t want your website only on Google. Even spidering your page on other search engines will get your rankings up on Google. Don’t limit yourself to just putting everything only on Google, as you will encounter many pitfalls. This is why Google actually has some of the highest-ranking companies at the top that have the worst reviews, or don’t deserve the rank they get, while just like wannabe rock stars, they weren’t so lucky, but they may have more talent than those individuals who are at the top.

Secondly, don’t trust the best SEO listings. Why? Because you will get websites that can even have the domain name you’re wanting, and these sites are just marketing ploys and advertisements. Some of these websites that result as the top ads on Google even implement web apps that transmit malware to your computer. So, how’d they get to the top? By simply implementing good SEO on THEIR site. They don’t care about yours.

Many of these websites also use a “pay for play” scheme (similar to musician scams) that don’t ever work. This just simply gets more money in their pocket. A good SEO company isn’t going to charge you for a higher ranking, and should always aim to try and get you the top results possible without charging extra. Sure, they’ll have their monthly retainer and fees, but they should work just as hard to deliver quality results to you no matter what.

Third, there’s no secret to SEO. SEO is pretty much cut and dry; anyone can do it. The benefits of using a company to do it for you however, is that you simply don’t have to do all of the technical work that with your busy work schedule could literally result in delays of what other more important work you have to do for yourself is.

So How do I Find SEO & Digital Marketing Experts for My SEO Project?

First, you want to be able to sit down with your team and figure out what you’re trying to get out of an SEO project. Keyword goals, etc.? Why do you want to do SEO for your website? What could this benefit? Create goals that are very detail oriented. Don’t just aim for getting your Google ranking up. Aim for number one. Once all your goals are in place, pick your keywords, phrases, content strategies, tags, then get ahold of companies. Shop around, and then pick the one that cares about the quality of your website and their work. Most of the time, if they take a lot of pride in their work, and aren’t dirt cheap, then they really are legit. If the price is too low, and things are too good to even sound true, then it is. Not probably. It just simply is. Not only that, but keep in mind that your company may not even need to rely on SEO. Let it all come out in its own time.


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