How to Pick the Right Initial Keywords for Your SEO?

By on November 16, 2018
Pick the Right Initial Keywords for Your SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is perhaps one of the best ways to grow and develop an online business. SEO is the procedure of making some subtle and much-required changes to your website that increase its likelihood to rank better on Google and other major search engines. This strategy is incomplete without keywords, as they are the ones that confer you the power to monitor the searches that your website ranks for. Being a critical component of any SEO strategy, optimizing your website for specific keywords can transform your ongoing campaign to a great extent.

To ensure a long-term success in SEO, you will require picking the right set of keywords. Here are some of the useful tips to help you out in choosing the right set of keywords:

Setting and Learning Your Overall Goals

Prior to deciding which keywords would suit your brand the most, take some time and think about your SEO objectives. While most online businesses utilize SEO to boost their website traffic with the intent of higher ROI, it is important for you to be more specific than that. For instance, think of how faster results do you expect and how relevant and flexible you want your target audience to be or whether you are looking for increasing your brand awareness for a promotional event. For a brief knowledge on choosing the right keywords, you can consult SEO professionals like that are seasoned in choosing the right set of keywords.

Balancing Short and Long-tail Keywords

Once you are sure about your goals, it is time for you to decide on a perfect balance of short and long-tail keywords. Short keywords are connected with higher traffic and higher competition and are usually short phrases comprising of one-to-three words. Long-tail keywords are curated for lower completion and lower traffic and are longer, conversational phrases. While head keywords are formed for traffic-centric and long-term SEO campaigns, long-tail keywords render fast results in a quick period of time. You will require both for improving your overall SEO results.

Work on Your Preliminary Research

Conducting the preliminary research means, you have to begin with sketching out ideas and notions regarding the search intent of the audience. This does not imply that you will need to be overly exhaustive, but try to come up with root ideas of the wider categories of searches. Think of both long-tail and head keywords that your target audience might use for identifying your brand on the web. Once you have compiled the ideas, it is time to forge a master list in order to compare them and sort by different fields.

Narrow Down the Master List

Assuming that you have created the master list of keywords after going through a preliminary research, it is time to narrowing down the list with a special focus. Think of the variables while short-listing the keywords. Some of the variables include search volume, competition, relevance, and your current rankings.


Even though your first blend of keywords might not be absolutely perfect, it will definitely provide you with a solid baseline to proceed further and boost your level of traffic. Make the right changes to your keyword strategy and pay attention to the latest SEO trends.

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