How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 with Tmobile service provider

By on August 29, 2018
How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7

When phones are purchased as a bundle with network services from a mobile network provider, those companies ensure that they encrypt and secure the phone to prevent its usage in other networks. Due to this restriction, .it becomes a challenge to migrate to other networks. People, who buy expensive phones, would not be comfortable abandoning their pricey handsets to change to other networks. For the ones who routinely travel, it becomes very difficult to change to the best performing network available in the places they travel to. To overcome these hassles and securely disassociate the phones from the current network, service providers have come with provisions for unlocking phones.

Before trying to unlock samsung galaxy s7 t mobile, it is necessary to ensure that the mobile handset satisfies the criteria required by T Mobile for unlocking.

  1. It is important to identify if the device is compatible with the new network service provider before attempting to unlock. Else, it could lead to a complete crash of the device in question.
  2. One should ensure that the mobile is a T mobile device and it has a clean profile (not stolen or blocked).
  3. Minimum lock-in period for subscription, if any should be honoured.
  4. There should not be more that 2 unlock requests executed in the last 12 months for the same phone.
  5. All pending payments should be completely cleared and payment contracts honoured.
  6. The proof of purchase document may be required in certain cases.

Unlocking a Samsung S7 mobile from T mobile can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. Unlocking with an unlock code: If the customer is eligible, Samsung Galaxy S7 phones can be unlocked using an unlock code that can be obtained from either the mobile maker or the carrier (T mobile). This can be done by submitting a ticket to them. Once the eligibility of the phone for unlocking is checked, a code would be provided to the user. This code can then be entered in the device to unlock it.
  2. Using the T mobile application: Follow the steps below to unlock using the t mobile app:
  • Go to Google Play Store and install the T mobile unlock Open it.
  • Find the IMEI number of the phone set and type the number in the app, when asked.
  • The unlock code is sent to the registered email id.
  • After typing the code in the app, continue and press “Permanent Unlock”.
  • After the confirmation message, reboot the phone and start using the mobile phone in other networks.

3. Using third-party unlock service providers: Many service providers are available in the market for unlocking phones. Users can unlock their phones by paying a nominal fee to these agencies.

Some of them provide detailed instructions, assistance and even apps that can do the job in a few minutes. These applications can be installed on the Samsung handset. By following the instructed steps, the phone can be unlocked.

Summing up, Samsung Galaxy S7 phones can be unlocked using unlock codes, t-mobile app or by utilizing third-party services.


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