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By on January 16, 2018
Immigration Australia

Australia is a sovereign country which is the world’s sixth-largest based on its area. Besides being a famous tourist destination, this nation is the world’s thirteenth largest economy and has highest per capita income. Australia has the second-highest human development index which means that it has a high rank in terms of quality of life, education, health, economic freedom, liberty, etc., making it a top choice among people of other nations to seek permanent residency here. Hence, Australia has the world’s ninth largest immigrant population who make up 26% of the entire population of 25 million, making it a culturally diverse nation where people of different nations, religions, and ethnicity live and work together peacefully.

Applying for Permanent Residency Visa

If you are looking to move to Australia as a permanent citizen, then you will need to apply for a visa and there are a number of visa services and companies that can help you with this. You can also choose Immigration Australia Permanent Residency, which will assist you in acquiring the visa in an easy and timely manner. You will be required to choose what permanent residency visa you want to apply for and then submit your documents to the firm which will set the ball rolling.

Once your visa is approved by the Australian government, you will be able to live and work there indefinitely and will have the possibility of having a bright, secure and safe future for you and your family.

Seeking Permanent Residency in Australia

If you believe that your life can significantly improve if you migrate to Australia, with a special skill set and the ability and desire to work hard, applying for Australian Permanent Resident can turn out to be a great life choice for you. But before you do that and go through the entire process, you should have the basic information and knowledge regarding what permanent residency truly means.

Any non-citizen who holds a permanent visa is considered to be an Australian permanent resident and he has the freedom and right to live, work, study in Australia without restriction. A permanent resident enjoys almost all the rights as the Australian citizen though there are some limitations which include –

The citizen can enter Australia without any issue or face the barrage of protocols, on the other hand, a permanent resident has to carry their permanent visa at all times if they want to travel internationally. If they want to return or travel back to Australia, then they need to have their visa with a valid travel authority.

An Australian citizen has a natural right to cast his or her vote in the government elections but a permanent resident cannot unless they were enrolled to vote before 1984 (as a British subject), then they are eligible to vote.

To know more about the official status,  Australian Permanent Residency Visa Services  and details about the permanent residence, you can go to Australian government’s website –

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  1. Silvio

    February 22, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Very interesting. I never thought about immigrating to Australia, but yes, it is an excellent country to choose from if you want to restart your life. Now I’m in the process of getting my US visa at USALWS.

    The immigration consultants of helped me fill out the application form and prepared me for the next steps of the green card process. I will have my interview in the consulate soon, wish me luck.

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