Importance of different types of Gym Accessories

By on November 26, 2014
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Choosing gym accessories is very important. Like joining a gym and sweating out to lose weight is important to look good similarly using the right accessories is also important to protect yourself from any minor or major injury during the daily workout routine.

Water/Protein shakes bottles/sippers

This is the basic and most important accessory. Sipping water after every 15 minutes is needed to avoid dehydration and a fainty feeling. Protein shakes are carried mostly by men who do workouts where a lot of energy is required or tissue wear and tear is on the higher side.


The clothes worn should make you feel comfortable while doing any kind of workout. This enhances your workout performance. The first and foremost thing you need to take into consideration is the right size. Make sure your clothing is not too loose or too tight. Comfort is just one factor; however, clothing which makes you feel good and confident and material which absorbs moisture and dries faster such as polyester, nylon, and spandex are good options. Cotton should be avoided since it retains moisture.


Like you spend time for choosing footwear for any sport, the same way it is crucial you pick the right shoes for your workout. Check with your instructor or trainer for some recommendations. Athletes prefer to wear cross training shoes for gym. These shoes provide proper cushioning and traction while running or exercising. Like clothing, right size of shoes is very important to avoid falls and slips. Comfortable and right footwear should be accompanied by a comfortable pair of socks.

Knee wraps and gym gloves

Professionally, these are mostly used by weightlifters. However, now a days people have started using it for all kinds of exercises to avoid any knee injury while using the treadmill, cycling, for swats, and even for floor exercises. Knee wraps are made of elastic material which is very strong and keeps the knee firm and avoids any knee bone or tissue damage while lifting those heavy loads and rods. Gym gloves also should be worn to lift dumbbells, weights or while doing bench press.
Knee wraps and gym gloves

Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist bands

These can be worn throughout the exercise routine to accommodate the varying pattern and timing of the exercises. Wrist bands works as a wrist firmer while lifting dumbbells, weights, heavy balls, and to wipe excess sweat.

Exercise Mat

It is a tough choice to select an exercise mat since there are many options available such as mats for Yoga, Pilates, Weightlifting, Stretching, and other floor workouts. You might want to buy a mat which fits your body height and size, provides support to body’s pressure points, and can be easy to carry, open and wrap. An exercise mat is mostly used barefoot so it should make you feel soft when you step on it.

Gym bags for women

Girls are always ready to face problems and crisis of any situation. Hence, they prefer to be well equipped. Women look for handy gym bags which have sufficient space and sections to keep variety of items. For instance, they carry a small make up kit to look fresh and presentable, perfume or deodorants, after gym accessories. For women, first step of being motivated towards weight loss or staying fit is to carry these accessories and clothing.

Medical and First Aid

Last but not the least, it is important to carry their own first aid precautions or regularly needed medicines such as sprays, ointments, and inhalers for asthmatic or people suffering from breathing difficulties.
Most of these accessories need not be used in the gym only but could be used at home while working out, jogging, brisk walking or even while cycling on the roads.

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