Important Features to Know on GandCrab Ransomware Affecting your Windows System

By on January 6, 2019

Gandcrab ransomware is a type of cryptovirus, which comes up in different variants and thus you need to know the ways removing the negative impacts. This virus is targeting users since January 2018 and you have to make sure that you can get rid of the difficulties. It turns out with manifold aggressive variants and the versions of Gandcrab are like:

  • Gandcrab 2
  • Gandrcab3
  • GandCrab 4
  • GandCrab v4.1
  • GanCrab v4.1.2
  • GanCrab v5

Next, you can also get the 5th version, which gets split into other variants such as:

  • GandCrab 5.0.1
  • GandCrab 5.0.2
  • GandCrab 5.0.3
  • GandCrab 5.0.4

Once you get familiar with the suitable one you can explore the true importance of using an antivirus software that makes your system free from Gandcrab ransomware. All the above-mentioned versions use the Salsa20 and RSA-2048 and you can now encode data at your ease removing the virus helping your system to function properly. It appends certain files extensions like .gdcb, .crab, .KRAB, .lock and the latest version too uses these options attacking a system.

Get all Necessary Information

Once you visit this link you can get access to all necessary details ensuring that you can stay away from the risks due to the ransomware. This ransomware is initiated by a set of infected executables like cracks and certain other updates, which are fake. Some exploit kits are also used to spread the virus and they are RIG, GradSoft, Magnitude, and, most recently, Fallout etc. Gandcrab attacks Windows system and thus you need to takeproper are ensuring that you won’t face any intricacies.

In the earlier stage, it was defeated by the Romanian police, Bitdefender’s experts, and Europol. And finally it hacked cybercriminals after encrypting the ransomware code. It thus became necessary to come up with a software to decrypt the code and it’s easily accessible in NoMoreRansom.

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