Important Questions That You Should Ask Before Joining Any JEE Online Coaching Program

By on June 27, 2019
JEE Online Coaching Program

IIT JEE is a very popular entrance exam and if you look at the level of competition it is getting tougher and more intense every passing year. Reportedly, lakhs of students register for the exam and the college seats which are provided based on the exams are limited. Therefore, if you are serious about cracking the exam and have a desire to get into top engineering institutes like the IITs, then JEE requires you to give your best.

Now, this means that you have to work on all the areas of your life including maintaining your social interactions, having a positive mindset, devoting time to study, creating a plan and being smart. All these factors will play an important role in developing an effective preparation which is the main ingredient for clearing IIT JEE. Alternatively, coaching institutes today are also playing a huge role in the preparation of JEE exam. In fact, the online coaching trend is picking up the pace and being adopted by many candidates. The only question that may arise in your mind is whether online coaching is beneficial considering that JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams in the world.

With access to experienced or quality faculty members and refined study materials, we would say that it is quite possible to prepare for any competitive examination via an online platform. While many educators are leveraging the online platform to prepare students for IIT JEE, there are some factors that students or aspirants need to know before signing up for a program. Let us discuss them below.

What is the process of online coaching?

The online coaching process is carried out in a simple manner. You must have a computer/laptop, headphones with mic and an internet connection. With these tools in hand, you can register online and take the classes from anywhere. The online coaching institute will basically have a customized website with all the necessary tools like video chatting, live stream, videos, etc, that will aid in a seamless learning experience. Usually, students who register will be provided with some login credentials to enter the website and access the content.

How Is the Interaction between mentor and students?

 One important thing that you should keep in mind before joining any online classes is to check whether the online coaching provider has facilities for two-way communication between the mentor and the student. This is an important criterion. Remember it will not be beneficial if it resembles a broadcast channel.

Are online video lectures enough for IIT JEE preparation?

Online video lectures are good but you should try and avoid mostly those online coaching providers who just provide you with a video lecture based on the IIT JEE syllabus and ask you to watch and understand everything. The point here is that you should be able to resolve any query that may arise after watching the video. As mentioned above, it is important to have two-way communication. If you are able to solve your queries then only online coaching will be of real value.

What are the highlights of a good online coaching provider? 

If you are looking for a good online coaching provider then there are some key things that you should consider. A good educator will always help you clarify the study material. They will conduct doubt removal sessions, have practice tests and offer an analysis of your performance.

Additionally, good online coaching institutes also offer recordings of their classes. This would be a handy resource for you. A good online coaching provider will also have a special focus on the counselling of students.

Some Benefits of IIT JEE Online Preparation

We will highlight some of the benefits of online coaching below.

  • It helps in developing a responsive and student-friendly platform for the preparation of IIT JEE.
  • The students are divided into smaller batches which allow the faculty to focus on the performance of every student in the class.
  • It removes location barriers because the class can be taken from anywhere. Online coaching is convenient.
  • It is also quite affordable compared to on-campus coaching
  • Online coaching also offers proper counselling, refined study material, regular assessment and monitoring.

These are some of the useful tips that you can keep in mind if you are planning to join any online JEE coaching institute. Meanwhile, if you want to learn the most effective way on how to prepare for JEE Main then you can click on the attached link.


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