Indian Market is facing a great shortage of Machine Learning Professionals

By on January 21, 2018

It is very recently that the Indian job market has woken up to the acute shortage of AI professionals. While the organizations have marked the year 2018 as an year of increased adaption of and investment on AI technology the insufficient number of skilled professionals across the industries is a major headache. Reports say that the number of professionals with deep learning skills in India is 0.53 per job and the number of professionals with machine learning skills is 0.63 per job. This does not only make the market incessantly competitive for the employers but also slows down the technological development of the industrial market place. Why has the situation become so critical and what seems to be the cure?

Late Arrival

Whether it is the adaption of data analytics or the utilization of data science, the Indian businesses have had a delayed response to the global situation. The integration of analytics process among the domestic companies has been late and fragmented. There are still sectors of the market that do not use any sort of data analytics. But now, that the number of companies aspiring to reach the global market increases the demand for machine learning professionals has come as a natural consequence. The demand for machine learning skills has increased 76% since 2015 and there does not seem to be an answer to the shortage. The Indian talent pool which has been hitherto providing the world with technical workforce is lacking in this aspect.

Lack of formal courses

Only a handful of Indian institutes are providing machine learning as a specialized discipline. It is very recently that the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), in Kharagpur and Kanpur have introduced opportunities to pursue machine learning technology at an advanced level. Following the shortage of work force the Indian Institutes of Management are initiating AI and robotics related courses. So, a large part of the technical workforce is ill suited for the machine learning jobs and the shortage persists.

Large scale adaptation

You name an industry and it is willing to adapt Artificial Intelligence. Who does not want increased efficiency and cost effective methods? Everyone does. So, all speculations and anxiety about disruption of the job market put aside, the industrial field is looking forward to a more AI supported business environment. At this juncture it becomes a necessity for you to cope. You may have found your niche but can you be sure that it will last for long. The job market is evolving faster than ever and learning your way through is the only way forward.

The solution at hand

To up-skill is the best way to survive in the market. If you are willing to remain as a part of the data science workforce or stay at the top tier of relevance, you better get machine learning training. The machine learning institutes in Delhi and other Indian cities can offer you the training and insight that may help you go for the opportunities at hand.

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