Instincts- All that you have got to know about it

By on February 4, 2019
Define instinct

Most of the times you would have to answer certain unanswered questions in the mind like how good is the chance for you to succeed in the exam?  Should you trust the person you just met or not etc. through your mind would be searching frantically for data that would rationalize the answer, the best answer to these questions would be easier if only you take the time to listen to your instincts. You can Define instinct as the knowledge that helps in decision making or answering the questions raised by your mind, owing to the knowledge and past experience that you tend to carry.

How do you Define instinct?

Instinct is defined as the natural tendency of a person or animal to behave in a certain way to stimuli. It refers to the natural tendency to obey without knowing why? The best example that justifies the definition of instinct is a maternal instinct which refers to the tendency for women to behave like a mother.

How does instinct work?

Instinct comes into play whenever you encounter something new.  The unconscious part of the brain is believed to be engaged in assessments constantly.  This assessment is done by taking up cues that match the situation you are encountering which are safely stored in the database of our memory. Conclusions are drawn based on the data and the cues. However, the conscious part of the brain is completely unaware of all these processes. Instinct supplies you with fast answers by creating mental shortcuts. This results in you acting in a particular way when you follow the instincts. However, only when you act based on instinct rather than taking the time to fully assess the situation.

Why do you tend to ignore instincts?

 When you Define instinct and ponder over it at length, you would understand that a human being or animal are born with instincts. For example, as a human being, you would be born with an instinct for survival. The flight or fight response that you exhibit when faced with a challenging situation is a good example of instinct for survival. Instinct seems to be the guide as far as deciding whether you need to face the situation head-on or exit in haste. However, there seems to be a tendency among most people to ignore their instincts. There are innumerable reasons for the same. Some of the common reasons are

  • Instincts are perceived as irrational snap judgments
  • The tendency to avoid even an instinct that is contrary to who you think you are
  • Most of the compilation of data and memories in the case of instincts is unknown to you. this makes you think that instincts are quite baseless.
  • Constant criticism and neglect in the growing years that might lead to a sense of shame and doubt which might make you doubt your instincts as well.

Types of instincts

 Instincts can be of two types.

  • Good instinct– this is really useful to that can be your savior or self-protecting shield that bails you out of tough situations
  • Bad instinct– This refers to an urge that you might have to cause harm owing to hurt or resentment in the past. You may develop a bad instinct as a result of false perception. For example, you might have an instinct to pelt stones at a white dog because you were bitten by a white dog when you were young.

The footnote, however, is that you will actually stand to gain a lot if you follow the instincts. It helps you to act fast, protects you and most of the time makes you be yourself without the need to project an artificial you.


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