Interesting Short Junior KG Stories for Jr Kg Students

By on November 7, 2018
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Nearly every Kids love to hear Stories. Telling interesting Stories is a key quality of good parents. During the age of Jr KG or Sr KG, Students ask their parents to tell them a Story. Stories effects kids thinking, behaviour & life-style. Using short stories we can easily teach our children. Stories effects great in Kids Memory development. Looking into this in this session we are presenting some interesting Junior KG Stories.

1. The Greedy Dog

A dog was once standing on a bridge over a river. He had a bone in his mouth. He looked into the water below. He saw his own image in the water.

He thought that there was another dog with a bone in his mouth. He want to have the other bone too. He opened his mouth to say “bow-wow, bow-wow”. When he opened his mouth the bone fell for his mouth into the water. “Alas! I have lost my bone because i was greedy,” he said to himself and went away sadly.

2. The Thirsty Crow

Once a thirsty crow saw a pot of water. He flew to it. He looked into the pot and saw only a little water. “How can i get the water? it is at the bottom of the pot,” he said. he looked around and saw some stones. He dropped them into the pot one by one – plop, plop, plop! Down went the stones and up came the water. The crow drank the water and flew away Happily.

3. The Fox & The Grapes

Once a hungry fox came trotting – trot, trot, trot! He saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine. He went and stood under the grapes. “What a Lovely bunch of grapes! A nice super they will make,” said the fox. So he stretched and stretched, and jumped and jumped. But he could not reach the grapes. “Those grapes are sour. I don’t want them,” said the fox and walked away.

4. The Cats & the Monkey

Tabby and saby were two cats. Once they found a piece of cake. They broke it into two pieces. Tabby took one piece and saby took another. “You have a bigger piece,” mewed Tabby. “No, no yours is bigger,” Saby mewed back. Monkey Ben saw them fighting. He offered to settle the matter. Ben took a bite here and a bite there. In the end, he ate it all up, Tabby and Saby did not get any cake at all.

5. The Lion & the Mouse

Once a small mouse ran over the body of a sleeping lion. The lion woke up and caught it. He roared, “I will kill you.” The mouse cried in fear,” O king of the Jungle, Please let me go. Some day I will be useful to you.” The Lion took pity on the small mouse and let it go. A few days later, the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He tied hard but could not free himself. I can’t get out what shall i do now? roared the Lion. The mouse heard the lion voice and ran to his help. it cut the ropes of the net with his sharp teeth. The lion was free at last. The mouse said to the lion, “You have seen now that even a little mouse can help a mighty lion”.

6. The Fox & the Crow

Once a Crow was sitting on the branch of a tree. She had a piece of cheese in her beak. A saw the crow & wanted the cheese. He thought of a plan and said, madam crow, what beautiful feathers you have! Surely, your voice is sweet, too. Please let me hear it. The silly crow felt happy and proud. She opened her mouth to sing, “Caw Caw Caw”. The Cheese fell down and the fox ate it up.

7. The camel & the Jackal

A camel & a jackal were friends. Both of them lived on the bank of a river. One day, the jackal said to the camel, let’s go to the sugar cane farm on the other side of the river. But the jackal didn’t know swimming. So the camel carried him on his back & crossed the river. After the meal, the jackal howled loudly & hide him-self in the field. The farmers came running. They saw the camel eating the sugar cane and gave him a good beating. The jackal laughed to the camel. Now the camel and the jackal hard to cross the river again. When they reached the middle of the river, the camel took a deep into the water. The jackal fail in to the water. You are sorry for tricking his friend.

8. Lier Cowherd & Tiger

Once upon a time in a village there is a cowherd boy named as RADHUA. Everyday morning he went to the forest with herd of cows for grazing in the near by forest. The boy is very funny by nature. He is always speaking lie & tithing others. While grazing the cows many times he shouted jokingly help me.. help me.. help me.. tiger is taken me. people working in the near by field heard his cry. They trusted his words & rushed to the sight. But in sight they found nothing. The boy is standing and laughing. Time goes on. One Sunday morning at about 9AM .The boy is sitting and singing song. The cows are grazing. Suddenly a tiger comes out of the bushes. The boy is shouting as before. But no body responds his shouts thinking it a lie. The tiger takes him to the forest and kills him. So, boys do not tell lie. Always speaks the truth.

9. The Cap-Seller & The Monkeys

One day a cap-seller was sleeping under a tree. He had a cap on his head. A box of caps was lying beside him. There were monkeys on the tree. They saw the cap-seller and the caps. They climbed down the tree. They took the caps and put them on their heads.

When the cap-seller woke up, he found the caps were missing. “Whoop, whoop,” called the monkeys. When he looked up, he saw the monkeys with his caps on their heads. The cap-seller knew that monkeys copied others. He took off his cap & threw it on the ground. All the monkeys took off the caps and threw on the ground. The cap-seller collected all the caps & went away.

10. Dharmapad

Long long ago there is a king. His name is Langula Narasingha deva. He is ruling in presently named as Odisha. He builds the Sun Temple at Konarak. But the story behind the construction of Sun Temple is very interesting. Near about 1200 carpenters working for more than 12 years have completed the Temple. Konarak Temple & Dharmapad is interlinked to each other. After completion of the Temple no one out of the 1200 carpenters are able to set the peak of the Sun temple. Dharmapad whose nick name is Dharama is the son of one of the carpenter Bisu Moharana. While Dharma is a child his father left him. The child is gradually grows up. One day he asks her mother about his father. His mother tells him everything. He urges to her mother to go to konarak to meet his father. His mother did not agree to send him as he is a kid. The kid is pressing her mother. Lastly, the mother sends the boy to his father. The boy comes & meet his father. Father & son leaping each others and tears rolling from their eyes. The king in the mean time gives the time limit for completion of work. But the peak of the Temple is not so far completed. Otherwise the head of the 1200 carpenters are cut of. This is the reason for which a tense situation is prevailing. Dharama hears everything. He assures to all not to be tense. I can do the work by setting the peak. Most of the carpenters take it as joke. The work which has not been done by the experienced carpenters how can be done by a boy. Lastly, as there is no one dharama is allotted for the job.

Dharama rides to the peak of the Temple and surprisingly completed the undone work. All the carpenters astonished for a while and cheers in joy. But in the next moment they thought if the king knows their in capability which a boy can do it may cause the death of all than they approached to Bisu Moharana whether he wants his son or the lives of 1200 carpenters. Dharama hears and understand the gravity of the situation. He decided to save the life of the 1200 carpenters with their kith and kins. So he decided before the facts goes to the ear of the king after sun shines it is better he should jump to the sea in the darkness leaving the fact in the dark. From this story you can learn sacrifice for others do not be selfish.


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