How Internet And Technology Is Changing The Face Of Education?

By on January 16, 2014

Skype in the classroom” is the new idea that foster’s in Skype group to promote education online. The exciting thing about online education is that even students enjoy this technique very much. Quality education is the foremost priority for any student, taking into the consideration the importance of quality education; online or internet education has definitely helped students to acquire this. It helped to provide quality education to anyone and anywhere in the world, against all odds. If you look at the current trend of e-learning, it gives you a clear picture of what future education would be like? Here we will see how technology has brought a revolution to education.

Technology and internet has succeeded to penetrate in all the corners of the world effortlessly. It has shrunk bigger classroom into small 18’’ inch screen. Pen and paper are replaced by keyboard and mouse; books pages are counted now as in GB and TB. And Google and Wikipedia has become the lunch-box for students, feeding them with all types of knowledge they want. Nevertheless, this has led students to understand things more comprehensively, like never before. They have now more clear idea about why they are able to drink water from a glass on earth and not in space? Or why the compass needle always drifts towards north and not south? Or why it becomes dark, during sun eclipse? All applauds to the internet and technology due to which 3D images and animated videos came into existence which made these possible and made things simple for students to understand, and eventually lessening the teacher’s workload.

SMART table, that’s what it is known as, it will be pretty unusual in the future to imagine any kinder garden or playhouse without SMART table. This table is like a flat portable display, with 1080 p LCD, a multi-touch screen with more than 1500 activity to do. Just imagine what magic it could do when students from one playhouse are connected to other playhouses through internet. Imagination, creativity and ideas will flow, and they will share a room with a different group of students through internet with different views.

While for many unfortunate, online education has turned up as an opportunity, especially for those who can’t go to school due to financial problem or doing part time job. Also taking a degree from a reputed university in abroad is now possible without spending extra money on boarding flights and accommodation. And the student can get individual attention straight from their mentors for their queries and problems in an online tutorial.


M-learning or mobile learning is totally new concept, as smart phone users are increasing in numbers, especially in countries like China and India. These countries are having maximum number of mobile users and have more chances of succeeding in this concept. Though it is too early to predict on smart phones for educational purpose, but his role cannot be ignored in coming days.

Social Networking

Pinterest and You-tube are some of the online streaming videos sites, which are becoming hit among teachers for teaching purpose. The term ‘digital student’ is becoming more popular with technology, and teachers also expecting their students to excel in their computing skill and become prodigy in technology and social networking. “Edmondo” is one such social networking site, specially designed for students for social networking, and use it for educational purpose. One more site for student and teachers, ‘Teachers pay Teachers’, it’s a website, where you can sell your study material to others or even you can buy from them.

Though education has reached almost all the corners of the world, there are still few places in the world which are deprived of education due to lack of infrastructures, teaching facilities and well trained faculties. To them e-learning can be a permanent solution and can have the education for free, especially in a remote areas.

Krishna Rungta is a founder of Guru99, a non-profit organization, who is helping students to get free education, online. Guru99 endeavours to shape traditional education system to be more innovative and lively. At Guru99 education becomes full of joy, fun, and enthusiasm.


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