Is SSL Certificate Really Important for My Blogs?

By on August 11, 2018
do i need an ssl certificate

We try to give our users and viewers the best security that they have ever seen or witnessed in their web experiences. And to make sure how far this security works, we take immeasurable steps and confirm our customer’s security as we all consider our customers the most valuable treasures. Taking it to the next level do blogging sites really need SSL certificates?

This is something that needs our attention. As I was thinking about the security issues that common websites come across, I had a nudge that made me think why not for a blogging site? And this made me come up with today’s post. Would you be interested to know some of the interesting facts and the need for SSL certificate for a blogging website?

Let’s Get Started!!!

First, let us have a short recap on,”what is an SSL certificate?”

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer is abbreviated as SSL. It is commonly used to encrypt all data communication from user’s browser to the website. SSL secure website activates green padlock icon and HTTPS protocol and allows secure communication with 256-bit encryption. SSL certificate classified based on validation type such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation SSL.

Now let us see, why is it necessary to have an SSL certificate even for a blogging website. Consider following are some of important reasons:

Extra Layer of Security to your Blog:

The foremost reason behind opting for an SSL certificate is “SECURITY”. Users are so much concerned about the security as they have to come across various threats in their day to day life. Moreover, when it comes to internet the level of threat has increased so much that users find it difficult to withstand them.

Understanding their user concern, website owners have decided to improve the level of security on their websites. And they were able to understand that this could be obtained through Certificate Authority trusted SSL certificates. Most website owners have already initiated the process of installing SSL certificates on their websites.

You might have a question, is that really important to install SSL certificate for a blog too? To answer your question, Let me remind you, SSL certificates are not just meant to protect user credentials or data such as username or login id, password, email address, and physical adress. But it also help to authenticate your blog site and gain user trust on your site. If you having own brand reputation and your can get more reader base.

SSL used to establish secure connection between a web server and user’s web browser in order to protect the data against eavesdropping or stealing information in transit. I know how much time it takes to create a post and the efforts that you put in to deliver unique information. And that cannot go in vain. So, if you are really concerned about your information or data that you share as posts on your website and want to increase traffic for your blogging website, then it is important to have SSL certificate. Domain Validated Comodo Positive SSL certificate is ideal and cheapest available option for blogging website security, available at $7 a year from here-

HTTPS improves Site’s Ranking:

The second most important aspect about installing an SSL certificate on server. SSL/HTTPS improves your site’s rank on Google’s Search Results. Nobody wants to create a unique and mind blowing content and have it on the last page of Google. Google enforcing you to have HTTPS/SSL certificate on websites and mark as “Secure” in omnibox of Chrome address bar that perform well in all aspects of improving domain reputation. Thus, Google announced in 2014, that HTTPS as ranking signal. Recently, Chrome 68 has been started to show “Not secure” warning label to all site that doesn’t have SSL/HTTPS certificate.

SSL Certificate Really Important

It is really important to have SSL certificate for your blog site from SEO perspective. On the other hand, it is expected that Google is about to launch a speed update in the upcoming month, added it has now come up with another notification that is going to shock all users without security measures.

Yes, with Chrome 68 browser Google has announced that it is going to show warning to users of website, which has no SSL certificate installed. Hence, all website owners are requested to configure SSL certificate on their website in order to withstand the update as well as rank better on Google’s search results.

HTTPS is a sign of User’s Trust and Website’s Authenticity:

The ultimate reason for the strive to obtain SSL certificate is to gain user’s trust and adds credibility. Every website secured via SSL or Transport Security Layer enabled with green padlock icon and https:// added next to the site URL. Installing SSL certificate makes much better for website owners to gain user trust. As we have seen already in an SEO aspect, installing an SSL certificate improves the ranking position of a website as well.

This is because when your website is secure, automatically your users put trust on your site. When you lack website security of your users, then user might not return to your site. It doesn’t matter what your website is about, every single user confirms whether site is safe to reach out.

Moving Your Site to HTTPS is highly recommended

Google pushing hard for HTTPS everywhere, and motivates webmaster for migrating their site from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone on the web. There comes a need to migrate all the credentials from your existing website to a newer version. When you attempt to do so there are a lot of trials that you might come across. So it is better that you redirect your website to the current domain.

For example, if you own a domain in .com and you find that another extension is something related to your niche and you wanted to migrate all your data to the current domain. When you attempt it there are chances of losing are breaking the information that is present in the current one.

The better replacement for this plan would be a redirection. Installing an SSL certificate may help you much better with the following. Whenever your customers try to log in using the .com extension it gets redirected to your newer version of the domain. This is possible only when you install a secure socket layer certificate to your website. This allows smooth redirection through which all the information from the existing website is rendered exactly on the new domain.

Wrap up:

SSL certificate used for website because website authentication, security and HTTPS consider as  ranking factor, White help not only helps e-commerce websites or product based websites but also it is in common an essential thing that provides security to all content base websites  available on the web. If you have not installed SSL certificate on your website yet, then it is the right time to install them.

Make sure that you install the SSL certificate before Google launches its update. You can avail your SSL certificate from your domain vendors. Now-a-days, SSL certificates that provide better security are available at cheaper rates. You can grab them right now for a better security of your website.


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