Israel, the land of scientist and technicians!!!

By on April 24, 2018

Israel, the adjacent country to Palestine, is one among the few countries which value their farmers and agriculture. They are well known for their developments and improvements they made in the agriculture industry. Though a lot of problems and rumors spawn around them, they still prove to be one of the powerful countries in the world and the best time to go to Israel last only for a couple of months.

Cuisines to try:-

Israel cuisines are the one to die for. Their foods are exotic and a blessing to the taste buds. Some of the must-try foods are,


Israel salads are like an artwork. With finely diced vegetables and seasoned with exotic spices with a pint of olive oil, is the proper way to make an Israel salad. Other than this salad there is also kubba, sambusak and much more.


One of the most famous and backbone of the economy of Israel is tourism. Though a lot of countries have a regular income from the tourism, in Israel they add a bit of extra revenue.

Inventions and discoveries:-

Israel is also famous for their discoveries and achievements they made in the agricultural field and in a ta technical field. Some of the worldwide popular inventions include,

  • Drip irrigation.
  • Rooftop solar water heater system.
  • Laser projection keyboard.

Best places to visit:-

Being ancient, there are a number of places to visit and wonder over, some of which includes:

Founded in 1st B.C this place will intrigue not only the history lovers but also those who appreciate the art in ruins.

  • Timna valley.

This is also known as a desert valley. This is a copper ore rich place where they have been mined from ancient times.

  • Gan HaShlosha national park.

This is not just any national park; this has a natural warm water pool which is opened to the public and tourist.

  • Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is nothing but a Salt Lake which is rich in nutrients and mud. This is one of the popular locations among the locals as well as the tourist, as they are famous for the mud spa available here.

Best time to visit:-

Summer season there will be usually of high temperature and hot climate while winter season is usually accompanied by rainfall. So, the best time to go to Israel is autumn and spring season I.e., April and may for autumn and September and October for the spring.


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