John Clemenza, the New Yorker and Showing His Love For Hometown

By on January 3, 2018
John Clemenza

Everyone has some fidelity with his/her hometown and no matter where in the world you are, your hometown is always the best and the most comfortable place to be in. John Clemenza, New Yorker, as he prefers calling himself, though he hails from the island of Hawaii, yet prefers visiting the city of New York once in a while. For the islanders, the sea and the beach are their possessions and there is nothing more soothing to their ears than the sound of the lashing waves and the sea gulls hovering over the vast expanse of the water and beckoning everyone to appreciate the beauty of creation.

But that does not mean that the city life does not have anything to offer, New York in particular has always been a hot spot for all foreign travelers and has topped their list of travel during the holiday season. While, for the most part of the world, winter is a dormant time and not much is there to experience in the cold; New York has some very interesting attractions that you could thoroughly enjoy during the winter. This perhaps is the reason John Clemenza the Hawaiian who loves surfing and is trying to enter the pro league of the sport loves to visit New York City.

Know More About New York From John Clemenza in Details

New York is a very unique city, the winter here has two distinct phases- one that is the holiday season, which begins with the Thanksgiving Day and goes on up to the New Year; and the other is the post-holiday season which begins from the second day of the New Year and goes on until the 31st of March. The attractions too differ during each of these times.

If you are visiting the city during the holiday season, you will definitely not want to miss out going to the Rockfeller Center. The glow of the Christmas tree here will most certainly ignite your senses of awe just as you would have upon seeing the Sistine Chapel. The Christmas feeling can be experienced here in the best possible way at this place and you will positively carry this feeling for the rest of the year wherever you go.

The window display is an exclusive feature of this city at this time of the year when all retailers give it their best shot at putting up all the beautiful creations they have for your viewing at their shop windows. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is another attraction that you might be interested in if you are inclined towards art.

However, if you wish you indulge in a bit of the natural beauty of the place, you could go to the Strawberry Fields. You are unquestionably to be wide eyed when you see it snowing on these fields. The warmth and coziness of the Greenwich Village and its pretty little shops will surely take your heart away and you could opt to get away from the busy city life by sneaking into a small café for a libation or a coffee.

New York will never disappoint you and you will have a remarkable holiday while you are here so plan your next holiday season to this lively city of New York.

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