Jungle Safety and First Aid: How to Withstand the Elements and the Predators

By on January 16, 2018
Jungle Safety and First Aid

You have planned a wildlife vacation with your family at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Nothing could be more thrilling than a jungle safari. However, when you are stepping into the wilderness, it always pays to learn about what to expect in the wilderness and get ready to face the worst case scenario. You must learn the basic wilderness survival safety and first aid strategies before venturing out into the jungle.

You must get ready to face all the mishaps that could occur while you are lost in the jungle. You must prepare yourself and learn first aid and safety tricks to manage minor ailments. You must gain basic knowledge about the over-the-counter remedies. You need to carefully get ready with a complete first-aid kit. You must learn about precise things to pack for withstanding the harsh elements and you should consider mastering your skills in natural remedies that could help in healing tummy aches to minor cuts and injuries.

Getting Ready with the First Aid Kit

Comfort and safety are definitely a top priority not only while choosing from the Tadoba National Park resorts but also while camping away from medical assistance. You must get ready with a compact but complete first aid kit that includes rubbing alcohol, vinyl gloves, germ-killing soap, burn ointment, antibiotic ointment, etc. for prevention of infection. You must include gauze, bandages, tape, tweezers, scissors, eyewash, liquid bandage etc. for getting equipped to clean and effectively treat cuts and wounds.

Getting Ready with the First Aid Kit

You must carry calamine lotion, Benadryl, and hydrocortisone, for tackling allergic reactions; ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol for managing pains and aches;laxatives, antacids, and also, anti-diarrhea tablets for taking care of gastrointestinal issues. Remember to include vitamins and relevant prescription medications. It could be a good idea to pack some general supplies likecotton swabs, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, and tampons.

Combating Insect-Bites

Carry insect repellents that are available in the market commercially to protect your family. These repellents contain deet that is pretty effective in warding off the mosquitoes and other insects. You could make an effective natural insect repellent. Start by filling some water in a spray bottle. Add witch hazel and around 30 to 40 drops of some effective essential oils such as lavender, clove, cypress, and citronella. Lavender helps to soothe and disinfect insect bites.

Combating Insect-Bites

Always wear long-sleeved light-colored shirts and full pants to protect yourself properly from the insect bites. Remember most biting insects would be active during the dusk and the dawn. You must consider burning citronella oil in your lanterns and in the campfire you could sprinkle dried sage to keep insects at bay. Remember to use a mosquito net at night for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

Gain Knowledge of the Flora

You must do some research to learn about the different plants that are found in the Tadoba National Park. You must be able to identify both the harmful and the helpful local plants. Some poisonous plants could cause skin eruptions and blisters if you touch them by mistake. With a reasonable amount of research and smart planning, you could make sure that you have a fun and safe experience in the jungle.

Gain Knowledge of the Flora

Know about the Local Fauna

Learn more about the local wildlife if you wish to be safe. There are predators roaming about in the jungle and usually they come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You must try your best to blend with your surroundings to the extent possible. Remember to stay calm in case of an encounter. It would be really dangerous if you try provoking a wild animal. Get educated about the different species and their habits.

Know about the Local Fauna


Remember that even if you are quite far away from any medical assistance, if you know the specific signs of illness, pack the right sort of clothes, and have a first aid kit with you, you would be successful in overcoming all kinds of medical emergencies.


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