Key Ways To Turn Your Garage Into A New Living Space

By on May 25, 2018

You want your home to have an entertainment space. You think that this will be a very good area

for you and your family to relax and have fun. You can also invite friends over and just spend time there, rather than going out every weekend. And since you have a spare garage which you no longer use, you think that this will be the perfect location for your entertainment area. For you, turning your garage into a new living space is not only cost-efficient but is also a good investment in the long run – an entertainment area will increase your home’s value, right?

Turning your garage into a new living space is an exciting project to do. You’ll be able to choose what to do with your garage while witnessing how small changes can make up a whole new area. To ensure that this process will be enjoyable, take note of these tips:

  1. Make sure you have a planning approval: Before installing another window or expanding your garage, acquire planning approval from your local council first. This is necessary when you’ll implement any structural alterations to an existing footprint in the locality. During the process, you’ll need the services of an architect or designer so you can discuss what you want with your garage and if your plans are actually feasible. They can also help in what needs to be done so you can get that approval from your local council.
  1. Set up a budget: After meeting with the professionals, you can now have an idea of what can be done with your garage. If they gave you the go signal to install another floor in your garage, for example, expect that you’ll spend more. If they’re not okay with the idea, you can spend your budget on other important things like additional appliances. When you have a budget, you’ll know where and how to start with this project. You’ll also know what you’re capable of spending so you don’t end up with a half-bait living space.
  1. Replace or remove a garage door: Since you want your garage to have a completely new look, the garage door is something which you should consider. If you’re leaning towards purchasing a new garage door, make sure it’s apt to the theme of your entertainment area. You can consider Amarr installation if you’re looking for options. However, if you’re planning to have your garage door removed, work with a garage door technician. Once done, your garage door can be replaced with a new wall, window or door.4. Consider electrical and plumbing issues: Your garage might have been fine when it was used by your vehicles but since it’ll be used by people, it’s never the same story. You need to think about your electrical and plumbing needs. Your entertainment area should be comfortable for everyone’s use, not feel like they’re in a microwave oven. Have an electrician install additional sockets and lights in your garage. You need a couple of these for your appliances. You should also do the same when it comes to your plumbing needs. 
  1. Think about roof upgrades: If you want your new living space to look nothing like an old garage, think about roof upgrades. This can be minor repairs or completely replacing your roof. If you want your roof to be replaced, a raised pitch with a skylight might be an excellent option. You just need to make sure that your roof is waterproof so you can enjoy the space regardless of the weather outside.

You’ll Reap What You Sow

As a homeowner, you would always want your property to be enhanced; you don’t want any area of your home to be wasted because of this cost time and money from you. Doing all of these things for your new living space might be taxing but once everyone you know starts to enjoy the area, you’ll be proud of yourself for doing it. Use that idea as your motivation and for sure, you’ll be fueled up to follow all of the tips from this article.

George Anderson

George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride in helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. He writes for sites like Shop Garage Door and in his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.


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