Korean cakes you must try!

By on April 2, 2016

Every country and state has something special in their desserts. You can find countless cakes around the world and since there are so many cakes we don’t know about, we decided to tell you about Korean cakes. These cakes are not only tasty but the presentation matters a lot. Most of the cakes are quite small compared to the usual cakes made in USA and UK, but they are worth the try.

1. Maejakgwa – This cake is made with salt, flour and ginger. It is sliced into cubes and garnished with cinnamon, nuts in the middle. They are fried in oil and not made by baking. These tiny cakes are brownish in colour and taste delicious. They have a quirky pattern in between and they are easy to make.

2. Dasik – These tiny cakes are eaten with tea and look extremely cute. They are biscuit cakes, which are made with flour, roasted nuts, herbs and honey. The moulds are made into small round circles and have patterns on it of birds or flowers. They have a unique flavour of sweetness due to the use of honey. They are made regularly in houses and eaten with tea.

3. Gyeongdan – If you love candy type of cakes, you will love this. This is a rice cake, which is made in ball forms and is coated with lots of sugar. Food colour is added to bring out different colours in this rice cake. These small round cakes are sweet and delicious. You can always find it at Korean bakeries or restaurant and call for cake delivery to try these out.

4. Jeungpyeon – They resemble muffins but are made in an extremely different manner. These soft and moist rice cakes are made with wine, rice flour and decorated with pine nuts, mushroom rock, and chestnuts. It has a unique taste due to the alcohol in it. The longer you store it, the more unique the taste becomes as the alcohol gets fermented.

5. Bindaetteok – You might get confused with the appearance of this cake as it doesn’t look like a cake at first, but it actually is. This is herb filled pancake, which is made with mung bean (green gram) flour, vegetables, meat, sugar and several other ingredients. You can avoid the meat in this, but that is how the taste comes out.

6. Hobaktteok
– Made with steamed rice flour and pumpkins, this cake is a delight to the eyes. This yellow cake can be made in the pressure cooker, and it has a long history with Korea. This is a popular cake and is made during holidays or to give someone cake gifts on occasions.

7. Baekseolgi – This huge white square cake looks like snow put together. This is yet another rice cake, which is made with sugar and garnished with nuts. This cake used to be something made during festivals, but then it became a staple of the Korean cuisine.

So, head over to your nearest Korean restaurant to enjoy these dishes else make them at home to have a delightful desert!


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