Labor Day 2018: 10 Creative Workplace Ideas To Honor Employees

By on August 17, 2018

Observed on first Monday of September, Labor Day is a three-day annual celebration to honor workers in the US. It’s the time to appreciate people who work tirelessly every day to contribute to making the world a great place to live.

For many, Labor Day is also officially the end of summer season. They don’t go to work and take it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with their loved ones. However, one should not forget that Labor Day is a time to celebrate the relationship between an employer and his workers.

  • Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Celebrated on September 1882 in New York City, the first Labor Day day featured parades to honor workers and their efforts. It has been 136 years, but the importance of Labor Day is still the same.

Although the modern-day labor is different from the force in 1882, it is living with the same issues that persisted a long time ago. Wages, discrimination, and work-hour are some problems that have been troubling workers for many years. Many employees today say that their efforts are not appreciated. Apart from that, some workers think they are not getting what they deserve.

Labor Day 2018 is a great opportunity to recognize the efforts of workers. It will not just motivate them but improve their productivity.

How employers can celebrate Labor Day this year creatively and motive their employees. Here are some creative workplace idea to honor workers on Labor Day 2018:

  1. Appreciate Employees

Appreciating your employees’ efforts is the best way to encourage them. A simple yet heartfelt ‘Thank You’ note can be a unique way to thank them for their contribution to the growth of an organization.

  1. Leave Them Early

Everyone at the workplace will be excited for the three-day holiday. You can increase their level of excitement by allowing them to leave early from the office.

  1. Barbeque With Employees

Your employees may have their own plans to celebrate the three-day holiday affair, but you can make a barbeque plan at your place for those who do not have special holiday plans.

  1. Dinner Party

You can host a dinner party for your employees over the weekend. To not to ruin your workers’ Labor Day plan, schedule the dinner in a way that it doesn’t clash with the Labor Day holiday dates.

  1. Bonus

A bonus is a way of saying ‘you did a great job!’ Make your employees feel good about their work by giving them a mini bonus.

  1. Awards

You can encourage your employees and appreciate their work by giving awards to them. You can plan some unique awards, such as the best team player and the hardest employee to fill some fun in your workers’ professional life. You can give them free accessories or customized products like apparels and custom rubber bracelets.

  1. Employees Engagement Program

Employee engagement is a tool capable of improving productivity and maintaining a healthy environment in the workplace. A few days before Labor Day 2018, you can plan an employee engagement program where your workers get an opportunity to know each other. They can learn new things about their colleagues and find a new way to work as one team.

  1. Welcome New Employees

If new employees have joined your organization a few weeks ago, then Labor Day is a great time to welcome them with open arms and a big smile on the face. You can arrange some special meetings where new people on the team will get an opportunity to know about the company and people working in it.


These are some creative workplace ideas that you can try this Labor Day to make your workers feel special about their work. Remember that your little efforts can make a great difference.

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