Latest Food And Beverage Catering Trends You Should Take Seriously

By on January 28, 2014

It is no secret that both food and drink are a lot like the modern day fashion industry which seems to be constantly evolving. The latest trends and fads seem to change the industry almost every year. For a catering business being the best means knowing what is in fashion or currently popular. Below we look at the latest trends in the food industry.

Local foods

These foods are often better tasting and nutritious. However, for a caterer these can be challenging mainly because fresh vegetables and fruits may not be available all year round, so it’s hard to include them in a set menu. That said it can be introduced in a sort of rotating specials type menu which rotates based on what is available at any given time of the year. You also need to remember that local foods also extend beyond just produce, they will include seafood, meat, baked goods, poultry and also desserts.

Health foods

The number of people demanding that their catering service provide them with health foods has certainly mushroomed in the past three years. People are demanding healthy and tasty options because that is what their guests re looking forward to. However, this does not mean that you should take onion rings or fresh fries off your menu but rather you should consider adding a few low calorie options like fish. Some catering companies also offer protein shakes as opposed to regular fizzle drinks.

Add new cuts of fish and meat

Pork chops, beef and even halibut may probably remain popular for the next few years, you should consider adding things like newer and leaner cuts of meat and fish. This will add more to the menu especially for people who searching for something different. Consider the fact that leaner cuts of meat may be expensive but that is what most people want.

Add gluten free foods

The number of people asking for gluten free foods has also increased. This is not just a demand from the health conscious or the allergy stricken but also from regular people who want to watch their weight. You should consider alternatives like cassava flour, rice flour and amaranth. You should also specifically mention gluten free foods on your menu for people to easily identify what they want.

Comfort foods

This may not actually be a trend but because comfort foods have been around for a very long time they still tend to be in demand. Things like macaroni with cheese and meatloaf with gravy etc are still something that people enjoy eating and should continue to be a part of your menu.

Beer and wine

Local foods both beer and wine tend to have the same level of appeal. The overall amount of small vineyard wines and micro brewed beers consumed at parties and functions continue to increase. However, there is also a growing demand for small locally made sprits which are sold in small batches with different distinct flavors and smells. These mostly appeal to regular wine and beer connoisseurs.

Adding exotic grains

Back in the day it seemed that whole wheat pasta was probably the most exotic type of starch available. Today, there are ethnic grains from around the world which seem to have gone mainstream, these grains include cassava, Ethiopian teff, amaranth etc. Adding these to your catering menu can certainly be a big plus for people who are looking for delicious and healthy alternatives to regular grains.

The has grown quite significantly in Australia. One reason for its rapid growth is that almost all social gatherings require catering. However, since the industry is evolving into what looks to be more health oriented caterers need to keep up. Those that manage to keep up with demand for health foods will remain in business while those that do not will find the industry difficult to stay in. The key to continue doing business in Australia is to continue surveying your clients for what they want. Read magazines to find out what the world is doing and spend some time ensuring that you use the best quality ingredients and lean meats that people have no problem paying for because they are healthy.

Manu Alias is one of the leading food experts in Australia. He is also a certified and experienced chef who helps catering services provide quality foods to their clients.


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