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By on July 8, 2017
Food On Trains

So it wouldn’t be wrong if I said I have travelled a lot in my life, and mostly in the trains. As a kid I always travelled with my parents and my little sister for summer vacations or holiday trips and long getaways. Travelling was one of the best parts of the trip according to me. I was always accompanied by my parents no matter what. But then came the time when I had to leave my town and go to the city for my further studies. The first time my parents accompanied me of course to the city. But horror came to me when the college semester got over and I had to make my first ever solo train journey. Now I was grown up. I mean almost a grown so I clamed myself down and boarded my train for my first ever solo journey, only to find out late that the train had no pantry car facility. Now, that definitely freaked me out big time. It suddenly came to my realisation that I would be taking this train for the next three years and the fact that it had no pantry car made it really difficult.

But despite that I tried keeping calm. My parents would often call in time intervals to check on me how my journey was going. But I could not tell them about the absence of the pantry car facility, at least not until I could find out an alternate option for delivery of food in trains. Because if I did tell them, it would just get them more worried. So I had to buy my meals from the catering stalls in the stations. But that was generally a huge risk. The train stoppage used to be very small and getting your food packed within a span of less than 5 minutes was very risky. Also these stalls would get overcrowded in a few seconds as the train stopped, because everyone was in a hurry and also in need of food.

Back in the days android phones were not very popular. They had just come into the market and were really costly. But till my second year I got an android too. And I have to admit that they did make my train journeys much more comfortable. Now one may wonder how. So the android phone not only helped me divert my time but also helped me get freshly cooked food delivered to me at the station. Still not sure what I am talking about? So realising that many people face problems of fresh, hygienic and healthy food not being served in the trains; start-ups have come up with ideas where one could book their food online and get it delivered to them. It works in a manner where one needs to enter their PNR number, add all the food items to their basket, select the station of food delivery. Also the payment process is secured. These sites ensure you get a wide menu of food items with reasonable price. And they make food and get it delivered to you.

So this solves the problem of many. With this app you could get tasty and fresh food delivered to you at nominal rates. Also it was noticed that often families and specially elders travelling for days in train face problems where they complain of the pantry food. And also it is not possible to carry homemade food when you are travelling for more than 12 hours. But with this app now you do not have to worry at all. So I hope your next train journey is going to be awesome and you should definitely try the app.

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