Life of Top Tutors

By on July 28, 2018
Life of Top Tutors

Whether it is in Singapore or any other part of the world, it is not easy to be a tutor. Top tutors often have to follow a tough daily routine. These professionals greatly care about the success of their students and are willing to sacrifice their personal time to ensure that.

Some teachers let go of their full-time day jobs so they can become full-time tutors instead. On the other hand, some carry on their teaching jobs and take tutoring as part-time. The latter is more difficult because they have to be doubly conscious and prepared.

If you are a full-time tutor in Singapore, you have certain benefits and drawbacks alike. Here is how a top tutor spends their life:

The Benefits

No Reporting

One of the major drawbacks of being a teacher at a school is that whatever you want to teach has to be approved by the school’s authorities. Also, you have to report at a certain hour, submit student reports, provide records of assignments and examinations, and meet other such rules and regulations. Being a tutor, you are free of such restrictions. You are your own boss, which is something most people want these days.

Fewer and Flexible Work Hours

Teachers have to work 5 days a week for a certain number of hours. Tutors may have to work 5 days or the entire week but you still get to decide how many hours you invest each day. They are able to also decide their own working slot so no more having to wake up early in the morning. This is apparent from reports on why many mainstream teachers quit to become private tutors.

Work Flexibility

Today’s education system is quite flawed. The institutions often have so many restrictions on the curriculum and way of teaching that it can limit the way teachers want to work. Tutors, on the other hand, can prepare lessons and deliver according to what they think is best for the students. It allows them to use more productive educational tools; helping varying types of students uncover their individual potential.

The Drawbacks

Skipping Holidays and Weekends

Many students take tutoring lessons as an extra boost to their regular studying. They will expect tutors to be available whenever they need them. This often leads to tutors accommodating students during weekends and even holidays.

Reasoning with Parents

Parents are often hard in schools so it is expected that they are going to harder on tutors. Many parents are paying in addition to school fees so their children can get improve their skills with tutoring. So if the tutors fail to help students produce better results, parents can often become unreasonable. It is difficult to make them understand that individuals can have their own pace.

It is a common perception that top tutors in Singapore make a lot of money. Some might do but it also takes significant efforts to reach that point. If you have hired a specialized tutor, say for economics tuition in Singapore, respect them for their efforts whether you are a student or their parent. Work with them to get the best results.


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