Where Should You Look to Get the Best Flight Deal?

By on October 31, 2017
Best Flight Deal

Airfares can dramatically change day to day, and sometimes even as quickly as minute to minute. But stillthere are airlines like Cathay Pacific that can guarantee you aren’t paying more today for your ticket than you will tomorrow?

The fares you found on any of half-decent search engine will be the same as the fares found on the airline’s own website. It’s amazing how poor many of the airline’s search interfaces are.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that you can easily check anywhere about this airlines fairs It’s usually just a lot easier to search all of the airlines at once, with a better interface search.

If you want to go and check others airlines fairs then all you need to do is search all the major airlines, preferably at once. My current favorite way to do this would be using Google Flights Explorer because you can just enter your from into the ‘To’ box, and see current airfares from all the major airlines, to all the major airports in India, at one time. Not to mention how easy it is to browse through different date combinations.

What about a multi-city flight? Such as in and out of different -different cities in India?

When you want search for multi-city flights in travel is still a bit of a pain. Even Google Explorer currently can’t handle it, as there’s too many possible combinations. I’m sure eventually someone (likely Google) will put enough processing power behind it and create something useful for searching multi-city fares.

But for now, you’re stuck with searching one departure date at a time when it comes to multi-city fares and experimenting with different destination combinations. Most of the decent travel websites will offer a multi-city option (it should be right next to ‘one-way’ and ’round-trip’).

cleartrip would be my preferred option here. Just click on the ‘multi-city’ option and in the first box, enter in Delhi to Toronto flights or whatever airport you want to fly into, and then in the second box, enterBengaluru  or (BLR) to Toronto, or whatever airport you want to fly out of.

You never really know what you’re going to get with a multi-city fare. From India to Toronto, it can often be around the same price as a typical round-trip fare to the same destinations (or an average of the two). Sometimes it can be slightly more. In rare cases it can even be cheaper. Of course, you’re still left with figuring out the cost of getting between the two airports.

One little trick I’ve learned with Kayak is to keep it on the ’round trip’ option, and make your dates flexible (3 days before and after). And then in the ‘To’ box, enter up to a maximum of 4 destinations, using the 3 letter airport codes, separated by commas. For example, you could enter: BOM, DEL, BLR, MAA

This will show flights to all 4 of these popular airports in India at once, and look for cheap multi-city combinations into one city and out of another. Many of the results will just be the typical round trip flights, but when you scroll down the results, look for the airport codes that are highlighted in pink. These are the flights involving two different cities.

Here about searching the airline’s website directly 

One more thing you can do is just use a flight search tool to search all the airlines at once, and then go to the airline’s own site to book it once you’ve figured out exactly which flight you want, and what the price is.

Another important thing to be aware of is that the more sophisticated travel search engines can combine flights from multiple airlines to find cheaper options, especially on international flights, that you won’t find on the airline’s website.



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