Lymphoma- Things You Need to Know

By on February 13, 2018

Among several other types of cancer, lymphoma is one of them. It is basically the cancer of lymphatic system. There are three types of blood cells in the human body- the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets. The white blood cells or lymphocytes help to fight diseases and strengthen the immunity system. When cancer attacks the white blood cells or the lymphocytes, people suffer from lymphoma. Cancer starts with lymphocytes and then can spread to other body parts. Lymphoma can occur at any age, but, children and people within the age group of 15 to 24 are in the risk zone. The cure for lymphoma in India is possible as the disease is treatable.

Certain Important facts about Lymphoma

Before knowing more about the disease, have a quick look at the essential facts of the disease-

  • Lymphoma is cancer which occurs in the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes.
  • Lymphoma can’t be prevented, but there are modern treatments to increase the survival rate.
  • Lymphoma is of two types- Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin. The latter one is the most common form.

Types of Treatment of Lymphoma

Treatment of lymphoma in India is of different types. Basically, the treatment of lymphoma depends on the stage of the disease. If it is at the indolent stage, there is nothing to do than to monitor its growth. If the cancer cells grow rapidly, here are the treatments patients should go through-

  1. Biologic Therapy– Drugs are prescribed in this treatment procedure to stimulate the immune system for attacking the cancer cells. This is done by entering microorganisms into the body.
  2. Chemotherapy– It is done at the higher stage of treatment. Aggressive drugs are prescribed to kill cancer cells.
  3. Antibody Therapy– In this method, synthetic antibodies are inserted into the bloodstream to fight the antigens of cancer.
  4. Radioimmunotherapy– Here, high-powered radioactive doses are delivered into the cancerous T-cells and B-cells to kill them.
  5. Stem-Cell Transplantation– Here also high dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy is followed to restore damaged bone marrow.
  6. Radiation Therapy– This is used to concentrate on the small areas of cancer.
  7. Surgery– If lymphoma has been spread to spleen or other organs, the surgical way is the last option to remove those parts from your body.
  8. Steroids– These are also injected to treat lymphoma.

Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma

  • It is very difficult to understand the signs and symptoms of lymphoma s those appear as the symptoms of viral diseases and the common If that continues for longer than expected, you should consult a physician.
  • Often people may not have any symptoms, and often few may notice swelling at lymph nodes. Such swellings may occur at armpits, neck, groin, or abdomen.
  • Usually, these swellings are painless, but if enlarged glands press on bones or organs, patients will feel pain. Often, people confuse it with back pain.

If you find any of such symptoms, you should not be late to consult your doctor. If treatment is started at an early stage, lymphoma can be cured.


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