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By on January 13, 2017
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Being a man is not all about responsibility and having a sense of duty; it is also about your carriage and appearance which means having a stylish and decent dress sense.

Looking good is something every man needs to perfect, as this can tell a lot about who you are, since first impressions are vital in someone having an opinion about you. You should pay particular interest to your dressing and dress sense to ensure that you dress according to the occasion and weather. In this winter period, long sleeve shirts are essential attire and one that you should naturally put on to protect you from the cold weather.

When you want to buy a long sleeve shirt you have to consider the material used in making the shirt; Egyptian cotton shirts are really comfortable and feel good to touch and on your skin. You can also get silk, polyester or linen shirts, and you also need to consider what the occasion is, for example if you are looking to buy an office shirt, then you can go for shirts with buttons or those that use cuff links.


Whatever shirt you decide to get for work, it should compliment your suit and tie. If you wear a plain colored shirt, then you can wear a polka dot or striped tie, also if you are wearing a striped shirt, then you can wear a plain tie. The design on your office shirt should not be loud but simplistic in nature.

For casual dressing you can put on a long sleeve shirt when the weather is quite cold. If the weather gets a bit humid, you can fold up your sleeves and loosen a couple of buttons, and you also don’t need to wear a tie and you really wouldn’t need to tuck your shirt in your trousers if you prefer not to. You do not have to break the bank when getting yourself a long sleeve shirt, you can buy inexpensive shirts that are comfortable and of quality at the same time and will not make you feel out of place wherever you decide to wear the shirt to.

Another clothing item that everyman should have in their closet is chino pants. Just like your shirts, chino pants are made for different occasions such as for work, a dinner outing or as a casual clothing item. Men’s chino pants are really comfortable and are in high demand for being easy to maintain, they require minimal care and many chino pants can be worn after washing without the need for ironing. They are hard-wearing pants that are very durable and hardly lose their colour despite several hand or machine wash. With chino pants you have the flexibility that you may not get with other pants, as you can perform various physical activities without the fear of ripping your pants because of the quality of the material used and the stitching. You will look really smart for a casual outing, when you put on a pair of chino pants with a long sleeve shirt tucked into your pants, with a nice belt worn and a pair of sneakers to match.

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