Martial arts for the ladies

By on July 20, 2016
Martial arts

Women nowadays are prone to many kinds of predators and could be attacked at any time. They need to learn the basic forms of self-defense. These can be acquired if you take up martial arts seriously. TurnerMAX martial arts equipment has earned quite a name for themselves in recent years. In a martial arts class you meet different kinds of people during those lessons and are able to interact with them making them your friends.

Women are competing with men in every field of human activity. There was a time when no woman was mentally and physically prepared to pilot an aero plane but now things have changed and there are women pilots as well. Then there were other sports where men dominated for instance cricket, hockey etc.

Do you think you are a weaker vessel?

1. This is an idea which has been hammered into the minds of girls. You are not weak believe me! You can outsmart men in almost every field. Martial arts is one of the games you can learn and defend yourself against men at any time. You will be wondering which items to buy in order to learn martial arts. TurnerMAX provides the finest equipment for you people. Without any second or third thought you should dash to Turner Sports UK and buy straight away the boxing gloves, punching bags and other related things. If, unfortunately, somebody grabs you in the dark of the night and there is no help available around. Then you can help yourself if you know the martial arts. It works like a stun gun, you can make your attacker unconscious for a few minutes before the help arrives. But even if it doesn’t and if you know the martial arts you can easily break his hold and then run away to a safer place.

It works:

It is observed by many boxers that when an attacker grabs your neck with his hands, his weakest point is the junction where his thumbs and fingers meet. That’s the point where you should exert your maximum pressure and I am sure you can break his hold and run away to a place where there is a crowd of people.


This is an age of multi-tasking. People are doing many things simultaneously. When you are performing martial arts, you are doing two things at the same time: First you are doing an exercise and second you are learning a worthwhile skill.

Girls have an edge:

Girls have an edge over men. Most males through lack of exercise put on more flab and they lose stamina which is the most important factor in martial arts. But women on the other hand, on account of their light weight, quick physical movements outdo men. They don’t lose stamina and they perform far better than their male counterparts. So you should have this confidence in yourselves because there are many fields in which females have outsmarted males.

A misconception about female martial artists:

There is a myth propagated by the chauvinist males that women lose their femininity by learning martial arts. This is absolutely false. Women retain their essential female figures and in many cases they become even more graceful than they were before learning martial arts. This gives an extra dimension to their physical charm. They become more fit and agile, always on their toes and they enjoy life much better.


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