Does A Micro-Apartment Fit In Your Lifestyle

By on May 29, 2014
Does A Micro

Are you a good candidate for living in a micro apartment. Chances are you will welcome it with open arms, or you will despise it. Micro apartment homes are relatively new, and many renters have shown a propensity to choose them. So read on and see if its a good decision for you. There are many positives and negatives to renting one of these spaces today.

The main drawback is easy to tell, and upon entering, you will notice immediately that the size is lacking.


Square Footage?

*Square footage is really at a premium here and many of these floor-plans provide enough space for a bed, a desk, and a bathroom. If you’re looking for a place that you can come home and relax, and not feel confined, then maybe you should look elsewhere. You movement will definitely be limited and this can increase stress levels

*Stress and anxiety will only be increased if you are sharing the space with a roommate. There might be barely enough room for you to feel comfortable. Also if your enjoy your privacy, then you will not have much.

*Also be aware of how many micro-apartments are in the overall community. The more there are, the higher your stress levels may be.

The Advantages

But with the negatives usually revolving around the size, lets view some of the advantages micro-apartments will pose for residents. Sometimes a smaller apartment can present some advantages.

*Usually these sorts of communities are located in a highly desirable central urban area. So this normally would mean it will be expensive. If you have ever wanted to live in the heart of NYC or San Francisco, and not pay the normally outrageous prices, now is your chance. When you walk outside, you will be moments away from plenty of entertainment and popular destinations, including a plethora of food and nightlife.

You basically sacrifice space for location.

Small Utility Bills

*Since the square footage in these spaces are much smaller, this means that you won’t have to use as much electricity in order to light, cool, or even heat your home. So you can expect that your utility bills will be lower than a place that boasts more square footage.

Now if you’re leaning towards possible leasing one of these, there are some other tangibles that you should be aware of.

*The higher the ceilings, the more comfortable you will feel. Have you ever entered a home, and it just felt so spacious. You finally looked up and noticed how high the ceilings were. They really will go a long way into making you feel more comfortable

*If there is a balcony, then you can use this to get some fresh air, and if there is a view, that’s even better. If you’re feeling a little cramped, going outside is a sure way to assist you with this issue.

Remember that a micro-apartment may be perfect for you. If you rise early and are gone throughout most of the day, this will be right down your alley. However, if you plan on spending a large amount of time at home, you might want to consider other options.

Henry Hernandez is a writer and social media expert. Henry works with an apartment locator in Houston, TX houston1apartments. Connect with Henry on Google+.


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