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By on May 8, 2018

Mold and dampness is formed by moisture and when the air cannot move freely. To avoid it, you need to have a warm and airy home. When still appearing on the walls there are simple solutions to get rid of dampness or mold. You can reach out to mold inspections & abatement.

Mildew is a pepper whose spores are ubiquitous in the air. For these spores to develop, it takes a few conditions, the first and most important being moisture.

Besides the unsightly appearance, dampness and mildew are a health hazard. They contain bacteria that we can inhale and that can affect our lungs. Both dampness and mildew occur due to moisture. When moisture is in the house, condensation is formed, and dirt and mold appear. Windows, for example, prevent good room ventilation. If you have insulated windows, do not mount doors of this type because you will destroy natural ventilation. To avoid condensation, it is good to place the radiators in the room directly under the windows. The temperature in the room must be adequate, 20-21 degrees no less, because the condensate is very cold.

All craftsmen say renovations should be made late spring or summer, not when it is could outside. If you paint or put a tile or tile in the winter, everything will dry out harder because of the low temperatures. Risk of mold appears immediately after you renovate. Better do these works when outdoors it’s hot and you can air properly. Check this out.

In the case of houses, it is good that they have insulation with polystyrene because the moisture is often in the house. Houses do not have neighbor’s protection as it is in the building, where apartments can warm up each other. The house is colder and that’s why good insulation helps.

What we need to do to avoid dampness or mold

First of all, the home should be well ventilated. It is best to breathe if you open all windows and doors once or twice a day for 10 minutes. That’s how air works best. If you leave the window folded for hours, the walls around it will cool a lot if it’s cold outside and the condensation appears. Also, when cooking in the kitchen, you have to air it very well. It is recommended that the cooker is as close as possible to the window. Use the hood if you have it.

Another place where there is often mold or mildew is the bathroom. Do not forget to vent after showering and let the light on for a few minutes. The mold likes darkness to grow.

Simple mold solutions

If you wake up with dampness or mold on the walls, you should clean it immediately. Voluble water diluted with a little water is very effective. Spray the wall, then rub with a damp cloth or brush. It is obligatory to be wet and not dry to prevent spores from spreading. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, choose water with sodium bicarbonate because it cleans as well. Once cleaned, let it dry thoroughly before giving the lavender again on the wall. There are very effective anti-mold solutions on the market, you can also use these.

Why does mold occur?

Mold grows only on wet surfaces. It turns out that if we eliminate moisture (irrespective of its nature – dampness, infiltration or condensation) from a structure or wall, we will get rid of the mold.

Condensation occurs due to daily activity in an interior space (human breathing, cooking, drying of laundry, etc.) when the possibility of ventilation is greatly reduced (especially in winter). When the relative humidity of the air reaches a certain threshold, the dew point will reach, and the air vapor will settle on cold surfaces.

Windows and non-insulated walls – thermal bridges – dramatically increase the chances of condensation on cold surfaces, so the appearance of moisture and, implicitly, mold on the walls.

It is very important to get rid of the mold in order to have a healthy life and avoid breathing problems. Make sure you air your home every day so that you can avoid allergies and other risks.

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