Most Spookiest and haunted places in india

By on March 14, 2019
haunted places in india

Do you love all that is connected with horror and fear? Aren’t you afraid of horror stories at night? Get the adrenaline from the dreadful stories? Well, today we’ll talk about the spookiest and haunted places in India. And if this does not seem enough, then, in addition, you can read an article about the most horror games on your smartphone…

Which of the countries visited by tourists can boast of so many horror stories, legends, and rumors as mysterious India? Abandoned villages in the depths of dangerous jungle nests, terrible rituals, mystical places where people disappear – this country is full of secrets, and to solve them all is unlikely to succeed.

On the border with Pakistan, an abandoned village called Kuldhara lies, in which for two centuries no one lives. It is said that 1,500 villagers one day disappeared without a trace. The legend says that Raja loved the daughter of the head of the Kuldhara community. He demanded that she become his wife, in case of refusal the ruler threatened to kill all the girl’s fellow villagers. Then her father asked the villagers to leave their homes. In a hurry, people left the village forever, while sending curses to the raja. Since then, everyone who dares to spend the night in the village is waiting for death. Those who have visited Kuldhara have said that at night, in an abandoned village, one can see the ghosts of people who left their homes, hear someone’s voices, several people even felt the touch of invisible hands. In addition, in some places were recorded unexplained temperature surges.

Jatinga Valley of Rest – this place in India could be called the most common, if not the mysterious behavior of birds. Every year, from September to October, thousands of migratory birds fly over the Indian valley of Jating, some of which, for unknown reasons, still loses control and crashes to death on rocks and trees. Thousands of birds of different species find here the last refuge. Ornithologists and biologists from all over the world are being forced to this place, but the causes of mysterious suicides have not yet been found.

The terrible bloody rains of Kerala. In the summer of 2001, a mysterious event took place in the Indian state of Kerala – rains from watercolored in a terrible bloody color passed through the whole territory. Due to the characteristic color of the water, the people of India considered rain to be an omen of terrible events, the punishment of higher powers and the beginning of the end of the world. Fears were not confirmed, and a thorough analysis of rainwater showed its absolute safety for living organisms. Nevertheless, the bloody rain of Kerala is a fascinating mysterious event, and the place where it happened is worth a visit to every lover of mysticism and mystery.

Shetpal is a mysterious place in India where snakes are worshiped. In a small village in the Indian state of Maharashtra, there is an ancient tradition, from which modern man will run chill on the back – side by side with the villagers dangerous poisonous snakes. They are not only not being killed and not being driven from their homes, but they are making special nests in different places of the house so that the cold-blooded neighbors have a place to rest and breed. All houses have snake “bedrooms”. Snakes move freely around the village, basking on the rocks, children even play with small walls. No matter how terrible this neighborhood looked, so far there have been no reports of the death of the inhabitants of this place from a snake bite. Not otherwise, the ancestors of the Sheptans concluded a mystical treaty with snakes.

As we could see, India is a mystical country, where everyone will find a riddle for themselves. Amazing intricate myths, ancient techniques of meditation, eerie, but attractive rituals, mysterious hermit monks and cannibal ascetics – all this you will find only in India.


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