Moving to Highland NY: 5 Things You Should Know

By on October 31, 2018
Moving to Highland NY

Name a charming place, near and easily accessible from NYC, with great hiking locations and lots of apple farms? Highland, NY! This small town is safe and quiet and quite near Ney York City. It is located in Hudson Valley just one and a half hours drive from NYC and boasts of scenic views, lush greenery, lots of apples, and a quaint yet hip vibe. Here are things to know before you move to Highland.

  1. Demographics

The population in Highland NY currently ranges around 5100 of which, majority are female with the rest being male. Highland has an eclectic mixture of nationalities and ethnicities and while the majority are of the white ethnicity, Asians, Blacks and Hispanic ethnicities are also well represented. As such there is diversity in cultures and activities.

  1. Things to Do

Just because it is a small scenic town does not mean that Highland lacks in things to do. With its rich history especially in art, there are always special art and learning events happening. Unearthing local history with fellow Highlanders proves to be lots of fun as well. Most of all, there are tons of outdoors activities to get into such as hiking the scenic trails, apple picking, biking, swimming and staying active in the many area parks available. And of course when you need a fine dining experience, Highland is famous for its eclectic mix of independent restaurants where you can dine and wine and enjoy the many types of food and drinks offered here.

  1. Highland NY Real Estate

Can you afford the cost of houses in Highland? If you are looking to move to Highland, then it goes without saying that you want to purchase a home or rent one that you can afford. Highland NY Real Estate is the right place for you. The median housing cost is $220, 000 while median rent if you are looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment ranges at $1100.

  1. Amenities

Yes, Highland is a small safe town. No it is not one of those sleepy little run down towns you see in the movies that lack the amenities to support a thriving population. Highland boasts of a state-of-the-art college, Vassar College and pays homage to the Culinary Institute of America. On top of these, there are numerous kindergartens, preschools and nursery schools, elementary schools and high schools. The town is therefore, family friendly.

  1. Business

There are many types of businesses in the town ranging from farms such as Adam Fairacre Farm, an eclectic variety of shops, independent restaurants, and wineries such as Benmarl Winery etc. As such, there is quite a number of commercial real estate to rent or lease and put up a thriving business in industries such as agriculture, construction, retail and wholesale trade, warehousing and transportation utilities, finance, information, education, arts and recreation and entertainment among others popular in Highland NY.


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