Nectar Sleep – The mattress that challenges your imagination and leaves nothing more to ask

By on January 8, 2018
Nectar Sleep

If you are looking for a mattress of very high quality but would like to be thrifty in acquiring it, then the Nectar sleep mattress is what you are looking for. The 11-inch thick mattress made from four layers of foam of varying density and thickness is the blockbuster of the year as it has made the established and more prominent brands manufacturing similar top quality mattress run for their money. The mattress has ultra cooling abilities courtesy medical grade cooling gel used in it, and the top cover is a luxury by name, made from Tencel that is softer than silk, absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen.  If you are interested to know more on Nectar Sleep, then keep reading this article.

Layers of luxury and class

The appeal of the mattress lies in it luxurious looks that justify the quality well. The mattress has a strong foundation in 6-inch thick high-density Memory Foam at the bottom, which is the source of its firmness. The top layer, made from 1-inch quilted foam spews comfort, which creates an irresistible attraction. The intermediate two layers of foam help to transmit the firmness from the bottom towards the top layer while minimizing it to provide medium firmness, which is the prime feature of the mattress. The intermediate layers are useful in providing support. The softness of the upper layers find able support from the bottom layers, and the luxurious Tencel cover tells it all about the class to which the mattress belongs.

Creating the comfortable sleeping environment

Buying the Nectar Sleep mattress would mean that you are not only buying a mattress but also creating the right environment for comfortable sleeping. Besides the premium quality materials that go into the making of the wonderful mattress, the craftsmanship is so much commendable that the mattress acquires the rare quality of supporting the body through different sleeping positions and releasing the pressure points to ensure healthy sleeping.

The experience of a lifetime

Buying the Nectar Sleep mattress is likely to be the experience of your life.  According to the claims of the manufacturer, the quality is just so good and the craftsmanship so superior that once you buy the mattress, never would you need to look for something better.  This also points to the durability of the mattress, which could last much longer than you can imagine as it comes with a never heard before ‘Forever Warranty.’ As if not all these are enough to justify the goodness of the product, the manufacturer does not hesitate to offer a 365-day sleep trial to customers. The whole thing adds up to something that you had never experienced before and raises the performance bar much higher.

If you are worried about the life of the luxurious top cover of the mattress, then take heart from the fact that should it get damaged, the manufacturer is committed to replacing it with a new one. The Nectar Sleep leaves nothing to doubt and is setting its standards.

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