Non-Veg Delicacies to try at home

By on December 26, 2017
Non-Veg Delicacies

One can get hold of a lot of non-veg dishes and prepare them at home with full expertise. India has its own spices and each state has its own style of cooking. All the recipes are mostly available ion cook book. Here are some delicious non veg delicacy ideas from India.

Chettinad Mutton Kulambu

This is a delightful dish for those who love to eat meat. Kulambu is a Tamil word which actually means gravy. Here the mutton pieces are small and they are cooked in masala filled gravy. But here is one catch. The masala has to be in the right quantity to make the gravy perfect.

Coorg Gawti Chicken

Want something very spicy when it comes to chicken? Well, then this dish might suit you well. This chicken dish is made with a lot of fiery spices and if your taste buds are ready for that, then brings it on.

Chinese Prawn Pakora

This is an Indian style Chinese recipe. Here medium sized prawns are mixed with a certain combination of spices and then it is dipped in whole wheat flour batter and then fried. One can use olive oil to fry these pakoras.

Murg Malaiwala

Here chicken drumsticks are used for the preparation. These are layered with some soft creams, saffron, mild spices and rose petals to give it the ultimate taste and look.

Cashew Chicken

 Here apart from juicy chicken cubes one needs toasted cashew nuts and some fresh vegetable stir fry. Use of cashews gives this dish a nutty flavour and also a crunchy texture. One can use hoisin sauce in this dish to give it a different flavour.

Egg Chaat

If you are inclined towards salads then why not go for egg salads as well? It is a desi mix of tamarind, ketchup, boiled eggs (sliced into two halves), roasted cumin and a dash of lemon. This has a tangy and delicious taste and is a perfect dish for breakfast.

Nargisi Kofta

This is a very simple egg recipe popular in India. Here the hard boiled eggs are covered with a delicious shell of tasty meat paste (locally known as keema) and makes it an enticing dish to savour. This recipe has an Awadhi origin and it is one which makes one crave for more.

Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

To make quick fish tacos, Tilapia can again come to your rescue. They can be an excellent filling for your tacos as they are flaky and fleshy at the same time. One has to cook them in medium heat with chilli powder, cilantro, tomato and a dash of lime. One can also add some black pepper to bring more taste in it.

Maacher Kaalia

This is a popular fish delicacy from Bengal. Fresh water Rohu fishes are cut into pieces and fried in deep mustard oil. Then spices are added like Garam masala, onions, sliced potatoes, garlic paste and green chillies to make it yummier. It has a paste like gravy which contains a lot of onion paste and garlic paste.

Indian food has to have proper proportion of spices. Otherwise, it gets spoiled.

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