Oft-Overlooked Ways to Make Money

By on September 15, 2019

If you need cash, waiting for your salary or the profits from your business or investment is not the only option you have. There are things you can do to generate some dollars while waiting for your regular sources of income. You also don’t have to take out a loan or some other form of debt. You can try the following:

Selling your unused or junk items

If you need quick cash and getting a loan is not an option, you can look for unused things and sell them. This sounds like a common idea, but there are things in your house that you may not have thought of selling. How about your unused or broken automobile? You may not find buyers near you, but you will likely find many in other cities. Many shops offer cash for junk cars in Fort Lauderdale and other cities around Florida, for example.

There are many other items you are not using that you can sell. Do you have unused gift cards? You can sell them to somebody else, albeit at a price lower than the value of the gift card. You can also sell your old microcassette tapes, designer buttons, board game pieces, old toys, and eyeglass and jewelry cases. Some also sell a hodgepodge of items as a lot. If you have a multitude of unused but presentable-looking (and still usable) items, you can sell them as a group. eBay has numerous listings labeled “junk drawer lot” and many of these have been sold.

Room, property, or equipment rental

You don’t necessarily have to do an Airbnb. It could be a temporary arrangement with someone you know or with someone who knows someone you know. You just have to do some research in setting the rates. You can use the Airbnb rates in your area as a benchmark.

Rentals can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can get quick cash with this option because you usually get an upfront fee (and sometimes a deposit) before the guest occupies your room or property.

If you have equipment or tools, you can also rent them out. Your lawnmower, angle grinder, electric saw, electric drill, compressor, or paint sprayer can get you some cash. Put up an ad online and offline for them. It shouldn’t take too long before interested parties send you a message.

Becoming a neighborhood handyman

Online freelancing is a good option. However, doing it means that you have to wait for some time to get paid. If you want quick cash by doing some work, you can be a temporary community handyman. This means doing errands for neighbors or nearby business establishments. You can get paid within the day or right after you complete a task.

There are many ways to make money easily. You just have to be ingenious. As much as possible, only resort to loans and personal borrowing as your final option. You can find useful things in your house that can be sold or rented out. You can also offer your talent and skills for pay.

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