How Oil Monitoring System and Lights of Volkswagen Helps in Routine Maintenance?

By on April 20, 2017

Most of the Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with the electronic computer system which has been linked to the dashboard and even gives a prior indication to all the drivers when the oil actually needs to be changed. There’s the ‘CHANGE OIL NOW’ light, which if being ignored by the driver might have risk of damaging the engine. To make the situation worse, the driver might even end up stranded on the side of the road or meet with some accident.

As a result of this, most of the auto service and repair experts prefer to run schedule maintenance on the vehicle because, lack of either of this will actually end up worse conditions compelling the car owners or drivers go through repair works which are not only inconvenient and costly, but also at the oddest place and hours. As the automobile industry advances, it doesn’t need one to scratch their head too much for the diagnosis. The Volkswagen service has actually got their oil monitoring systems installed in all their models which are nothing but a simple on-board computer system that would alert the owners or drivers of the necessary oil changes. Paying attention to all these signals will actually make it possible to address the issues promptly and without much hassle.

How Exactly Does the Oil Monitoring System Work?

There are two ways the oil monitoring system assesses the engine- one by the oil level, and two, the temperature. When the engine is running, all the sensors on the board keep monitoring the temperature of the engine oil and even calculates the oil level. Both these calculations are being sent to the dash panel and trigger the service light as and when necessary. There’s a computer system as well, which keeps on tracking the engine miles at the same time right from the beginning till it is being reset. The service light will automatically trigger when a certain amount of miles add up.

Routine Maintenance

It is under the control of the driver to set the intervals that will reflect the best possible maintenance depending on the owner uses the vehicle and under what condition the Volkswagen is being driven. Most of the advanced maintenance reminder systems run on certain algorithms, but the oil monitoring system is not. As a result of this, the oil monitoring panel of Volkswagen doesn’t take into account the difference between the light and extreme driving conditions, the weight that is being carried, weather conditions, and all other important variables that affect the oil life within the vehicle.

There are basically two different schedules for maintenance and Volkswagen repair in Greensboro NC depending on the type of oil used and also the driving habits and conditions. A series of inspection is being suggested by the experts when the ‘CHANGE OIL NOW’ light triggers. While the oil monitoring system can be used as a reminder to the driver or owner, it must be used just as a guideline with another variable under action. A qualified, as well as certified technician, is supposed to touch your vehicle because upon it depends the longevity of your prized possessions.


Volkswagen in true sense is your luxury vehicle as the oil monitoring system installed indicates the drivers when to change the oil at specific intervals and go for a regular servicing and maintenance.

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