Why one should use Gypsum Plaster?

By on December 2, 2017
Gypsum Plaster

These days, a building or a house takes a lot less time to be built. We have noticed that these days when people start constructing something, it gets over within a few months unlikely before when it used to take years. But at the same time just because these buildings are made fast, doesn’t mean they are fragile or poor in construction.  They are extremely durable and strong. When there is any kind of construction done, the thing that also takes place is plastering. In the past years there was sand and cement plasters which were used to smooth the walls and ceilings.

 But these days, gypsum plasters have come to scene. This gypsum is a very light weight material which is made from chemical reactions and compositions of Calcium Sulphate and evaporating sea water. As a result, this material has a very high insulation property and it can provide excellent fire protection to any place when used. It also has a good moisture resistance power and can control vapour well which is an excellent quality to have. Gypsum plaster in Rajasthan or in any other states has become a major ingredient in construction process.

This gypsum plaster is always directly applied on the brick no matter whether they are hollow or solid ones. This plaster has some really good insulation properties and so it is a very goof fire resistant. It is impact resistant as well and so it is very safe to use these plasters. It is said; that gypsum plasters do have a very good finish and it also saves a lot of time when it comes to construction procedures. That is why these days. Construction people mostly rely on gypsum plasters that any regular cement plasters when they are building something. These plasters, just like the traditional ones are white is colour and once applied it takes almost half an hour to set in.

There are many advantages of applying gypsum plaster. They do not shrink due to water reaction when it is applied. That is why; it is better than cement. As they do not shrink, no shrinkage cracks appear on the surface post application. Once this is applied, it can set in very quickly. One can start the after procedures like painting within 72 hours of applying gypsum plasters. Because, they easily dry up. One can easily get gypsum plasters at stores and it also has become very popular in construction business.

But there are some disadvantages of gypsum plaster as well. It cannot be used or applied on the outside walls because they can retain dampness. One cannot also use them in areas which are mostly damp like bathroom surfaces.

This is a bit costly construction material as compared to cement plasters because they are thick and more durable. One has to store them in a dry place where no moisture can settle in.

Gypsum plaster distributor in Rajasthan mentions that this material has a 3 to 4 months of shelf life calculated from the date of manufacture.


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