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By on April 10, 2018
Online Assessment

Recruitment is an important facet of human resources. It is through this method the companies get their required staff and employees. The companies generally run a recruitment drive mentioning the various positions they have – thus calling candidates from different streams. There are different types of recruitment and each one of them depends on the requirement of the company. When a company has an open position they need to advertise to the general audience in order to apply for the jobs. This helps the candidates to apply for the suitable positions – there are different ways where the recruiter can advertise – they generally advertise through online sites, newspapers.

The recruiting agencies also take up the task of taking the preliminary rounds of the candidates. This is required to be done in order to eliminate the candidates who are not eligible for the job. The preliminary rounds are conducted on behalf of the company – this will help the company to get the right candidate for the position. Since the interviews are conducted by the recruiting agency it saves a lot of time of the company. Here is a list of various online assessment tools for recruitment

  • Athena assessment

The Athena Assessment is also called as the Athena Quotient – this tool helps in evaluating the judgment of the candidate. The decision is based on a very simple idea that good judgment makes the work of employees more effective. As soon as the employees complete their test they can get the reports instantly.

  • Berke

The Berke assessment is a customized test which essentially measures the intelligence and personality of the candidate. By using the Berke one can easily build various hiring profiles; different type of behavioural traits and also problem solving traits. You can easily compare the results of every test very easily.

  • Codility

This is meant especially for the technical recruitment; this marketing tool supports all the online interviews and also helps in evaluation of the programmers. The Codility tool is used to evaluate the code of the candidate, get the best candidates for the company and also to create various tests.

  • Hireselect tool

The Hireselect is a tool which helps the company in conducting pre-recruitment aptitude tests online. It also helps in conducting the personality tests, English tests and also typing tests. This tests specially designed by the psychologists from Harvard. This tool provides more insight about the candidate and their assessment can be done more objectively.

  • HR Avatar

This is stimulation based – pre-employment which measure different qualities in the candidate like job knowledge and cognitive ability. The best part of these tests is that these are animated ones as compared to other type of tests which are text based. They are given real job situations which will help the company get better result and actual rating of the candidate.

This list is just the beginning – but be rest assured that all types of tests aim at hiring the best candidate for the company.


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