Organizing your Wardrobe: Out with the Old, In with the New!

By on April 5, 2017

As a woman myself, I deeply empathise with the early morning struggle of choosing what to wear for work. Women are unflinchingly optimistic about their choice of clothes and decide to keep their high school apparel in hopes of wearing it again someday. We store so many ideas about our perfect, neat and tidy wardrobe and yet when we go on a shopping spree, we end up stuffing our already stuffed wardrobe. YouTube tutorials and interior design magazines insist on preparations like vertical folding or horizontal folding, but such methods have ever since been on trial and error principle and the results were not what we expected.

Many consultants suggest a simple yet effective strategy which will definitely fulfil your objective. Let’s take a look at each step!

  1. Before we commence this process of de-cluttering, first think about whether your current wardrobe is sufficient to store all your newly purchased and all your old and stored. Often, we fail to notice that we are trying to fill a wardrobe that is already full. So, instead of repeating the same mistakes, figure out whether you need a new wardrobe. If you do, always opt for custom wardrobes or even walk-in wardrobes, depending on the space of your room.
  1. Experienced wardrobe organisers recommend segmenting sections of your wardrobe so that you can identify your pain points. This essentially means sorting out your lingerie, underwear and all your basic and everyday Once you are done in these areas, you will find it a lot easier to tackle your Achilles Heel.
  1. The next big step in wardrobe organisation arises when you ask yourself: does this pair of slim-fit trousers still fit me? Once you have tried it out and the result has been a strict no-no, get rid of it. Keeping it in your wardrobe would only mean unnecessarily clogging up extra space and that is the last thing that you would want to do, even if you’re lucky enough to have massive walk-in robes. Not being able to fit in a dress which you wore a bazillion years ago does not imply that you have grown fat or thin, it simply indicates that your body changes once in a while and you must wear clothes which fit the shape of your body perfectly.
  1. Another milestone turnout would be to remove all those stained, splotched, ink-splattered, torn or worn-out clothes because no matter how much you convince yourself, you will never wear these clothes ever again. So stop misleading yourself and get a move on. Think like this: with all the extra space from cleaning out, you can buy more clothes! Motivation enough?
  1. Experts say that everyone must clean their closets at least two times in a year with the interchange of the two prominent seasons: summer and winter. So make sure to reduce the mess in your wardrobe once after the season of summer and once after the season of winter. This makes life so much easier for you in the long run!
  1. One simple wardrobe solution that we all must follow is to remove all those clothes and accessories which we haven’t worn in the past six months because let’s face it: the possibility of wearing it again seems bleak, so why keep it? Wouldn’t you rather find more space by letting go of all these items so that you can neatly store your new arrivals?
  1. Style is all about comfort and your own personal opinion. So if you feel that a certain piece of clothing from your fitted wardrobe does not look good on you and yet you have kept it out of sheer fascination, then take our advice and throw it out. Instead, bring in a new outfit which makes you look elegant and gives you that air of confidence, something which the previous outfit failed to do.
  1. Lastly, once you have finalised which items you will be discarding, make the commitment to donate these pieces of clothing to someone who would wear it. It may be your sister, brother, cousins, relatives or it could also be those people in need of good clothing. Watch them give you a bright smile as you hand out anything from your stylish and trendy flared skirts to those classy shoes that do not fit you any longer.

After you have finished organising your closet, neatly stack all the clothes and accessories that you have chosen to keep and take this opportunity to identify the ones which need cleaning or dry-cleaning. As a final tip, try to store the most used pieces of clothing and apparel in a place which is easily accessible for those early morning rushes. Once you are completely done, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


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