Why is Outbound Calling undying?

By on December 29, 2017

There have been drastic developmental shifts in our sales market over the years. While social selling has changed to a remarkable extent, one thing that hasn’t moved an inch is the need to pick up calls and talk to the prospects. If you are a business leader ignoring this age-old aspect and failing to capitalize on cold-calling as a significant part of your sales approach, you are making a mistake. It is by far one of the most sales-boosting concepts of the business world. Not only does outbound calling metrics head sales in the right direction, but also serves to motivate your sellers towards important factors to the company. If you are just concentrated on the sales process and not listening to what the prospect has to say, you are going to lose right there. Since it is believed to be a less expensive, more direct and much convenient way of approaching potential customers, it is evergreen. Nevertheless, you can see a number of naysayers criticizing this approach but it prevails anyway. Let’s see how after a lot of discourse on its existence this service is still going strong-

  • Products don’t sell themselves

You may have the best product in the world but the real differentiator is a salesperson. You hold the ultimate power to make your product shine which is through its best promotion.

  • Impactful human involvement

Agents working in call centres can make customer services promising and make client-pitching more convincing. Consumers tend to believe the agents more easily where social media fails to extend the expertise.

  • It works for almost every industry

Although outbound calling is more common in marketing and technology industries, businesses like HVAC, medical, landscaping, education, energy and construction utilize this accessible adaption.

  • There is a definite growth, career-wise

This work is not just limited to desk-job anymore. In fact, it is not only restricted to office premises either. There are a lot of managerial posts, advertising, marketing, IT and health-care jobs available.

  • Healthy competition

With the growing number of job opportunities inside an outbound call centre, there exists a success-driven competition among the employees.

  • Lead generation and nurturing

If you reach your customers on phone over sales letter emails, there is a high chance that they will be impressed, which is excellent for lead generation.

  • Ease of measuring and testing

While recording a telephone via CRM, it is quite easy to assess the outbound calling techniques. It is same as generating reports on web analytics. When you use an ideal software, reporting will be too easy.

  • Cheaper than other telemarketing mechanisms

The cost of hiring a call centre is way low than hiring remote sales professionals who reach customers from place to place. A call centre obviously can reach more customers than sales professionals.

And the list of advantages doesn’t end here. Talking to a more intellectual and real person over the phone makes more sense than trying to believe the ads posted on some unreliable source. Even though it doesn’t hold a very glamorous image in terms of work environment nowadays, but effective outbound calling is a big business and generates billions in revenue across a myriad of industry verticals.

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