Pacific cod in the local restaurants

By on May 28, 2019
Pacific cod in the local restaurants

Everyone is not ready to entertain. People in the fishing industry do it. Some commercial fleets eat 85 million tons of seafood every year to meet the needs of people around the world in many tones of fish per day. Commercial fishing can be a prosperous business. Whether you just ride on a small boat with just a few fishing trains and captains or captains of a major operation, the key is speed. Once the fish is brought to the ship, time is the enemy. Future seafood can be transferred to catch tanks immediately, to keep any fish alive which is already emphasized on them.

If they die before they reach the coast, they cannot be sold to restaurants. Maximum fish dies before consuming, its taste also changes. This is the main reason to keep all the living as soon as possible as possible and extraordinary efforts.

Fish boat captain and campaign

Once you reach the beach, everything is weighted and a boat captain. Fish then reached the market; many of them are served in local restaurants within a few hours. Distribution centers in other areas are thrown away.

Pacific Code

Although the small Pacific code usually meets Atlantic Cod. The Pacific Code is a major commercial nutrition. Local names include gray codes, gray sheep or gray. Pacific codes, boring holes, the Atlantic Islands and Washington, Oregon and California.

Pacific Helbot

Pacific Halibut is the largest flat fish in the sea. They can reach up to 500-700 pounds and increase up to 9 feet. They are among the most popular fish in North America. Pacific Halibut is very popular between seafood lovers and is less in saturated fat and sodium, as well as a source of vitamins B6, B12, magnesium and potassium.

Pacific Unit

Pacific is home to 2 species of North West single. Simple small flatfish are related to hello. The indoor single and English are the only lower inhabitants who feed on small fish, Amphaps, molds, crystals and other sea life. In addition to finding by entertaining anglers, fish just caught in the market as commercially caught and marketed. The two species have made a major part of the commercial flat fish in the Pacific Northwest.


There are six species of Champagne, Wei, King (Chinak), Pink, Sockey and Stained Head – and all are wild. The ocean sea is growing and spread in the rivers. The fish grows only once and dies later. Sums eventually move to the ocean and then its birth is spread. The sample is high in 3 fatty acids which are known as health benefits. The study shows that marine salon is a very low level of parody, unlike any other seafood.


Lingcod is a large head, big mouth, and big teeth. Fish has a long; length body that is tight to the tail, behind it has to drink a long wing. Lingcod is usually green with melting or bursting together with black gray, brown or green color. Lingcod can reach 5 feet in length.


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