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By on August 4, 2013

I know you’re searching for Pancake Recipe as a result of its thus delicious and people’s favorite. You must be having flannel cakes in your breakfast and that they taste best after they square measure golden brown and downy and everybody will cook pancake and that I can assist you in preparation them through my numerous recipes. The primary issue is that you just ought to have the Recipe. There square measure such a big amount of Pancake recipes accessible from here, you must decide the one you prefer however initial you must forever go along with straightforward recipe as you’re unaccustomed to it and it might be simple and you don’t got to worry concerning doing one thing wrong.

A Pancake be a flat and skinny cake that is formed from a batter and cooked in an exceedingly pan. It’s made of a Recipe which has butter and eggs typically.


Ingredients: (for 8 pancakes)

  • 100g flour.

  • Half teaspoon salt

  • 250ml of milk.

  • 1 medium egg.


Pancake creating the Batter

  • Place the flour & salt into a combining boil.

  • Type a tiny low hollow in between the mixture and pour the egg in between.

  • The dry ingredients, one quarter milk and eggs should be mixed along.

  • Beat it with a hand whisk; slowly adding within the left over milk till the bubbles square measure seen within the mixture. You can add water to the mixture if it’s thick.

  • The batter is prepared currently.

  • Place the batter into a vessel and keep it in an exceedingly cool place for more use.

Pancake creating the Pancakes

  • Fry victimization oil to grant a thawed greasy surface on the bottom of the pan.

  • Once there’s smoke is seen coming out of the pan, stir the batter and place it within the pan – moving the pan so the batter uniformly cover the pan.

  • Cook for concern 1½ to a pair of minutes or until its seen golden brown on very cheap.

  • Employing a wood spatula flip the Pancake and cook until it turns golden brown.

  • Repeat the steps to create the pancakes.

  • The Pancake that is hard-baked are often unbroken over plight or in an exceedingly low heat kitchen appliance.

Serving suggestion

Pancakes ought to be served hot with juice, chocolate sauce and cream or any topping looking on your selection.


Adding a tablespoon of thawed butter to the batter offers a crisper Pancake and is beneficial for preventing the Pancake on the edges and bottom of the pan they’ll be frozen and square measure consumed in 3 months.


  • The best Pancake is made if it’s well buttered and hard-baked in hot griddle .It is fine if you’re victimization skillet however cookery a Pancake on a griddle is best. To check if your griddle is hot enough simply places some water drops over it and if they bounces and beads up, your griddle is prepared. Future issue is to butter your flannel cake, in several recipe victimization oil rather than however is mentioned but butter is best for ideal pancakes.

  • Whenever you pour your batter on hot griddle, just attempt to make out in one motion as a result of if you stop so begin running once more your Pancake can get uneven dark brown. You need to not have learned this in several Pancake recipe that you just solely flip them over if you pancake’s prime square measure coated with bubbles otherwise your pancakes are going to be raw. Use solely unstained steal spatula with a broad paddle to flip your flannel cakes because it avoid protrusive of pancake to the griddle.

  • Serve your pancakes with butter, syrup, strawberries, and blueberries. These points work with most Pancake Recipe



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