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By on August 8, 2018

Why we need shredder 

The amount of documents is too large, it is difficult to tear into small pieces. It used to be burned with fire, polluting the environment and wasting resources. Now use a shredder to process the paper after it has been crushed (recycled into pulp for making toilet paper). A great use of shredders is confidentiality, and many documents of institutions and enterprises cannot be made public.

Structure and principle

The structure and working principle of the shredder: The shredder has two main components, the “ paper cutter ” and the “electric motor”, which are closely connected together by belts and gears. The motor drives the belt and gear to bring energy. It is sent to the paper cutter, which rotates and cuts the paper with a sharp metal corner.

Some shredders on the market can choose two or more shredders. Different shreddering methods are suitable for different occasions. If it is a general office, it can be selected in the form of segments, granules, filaments, and strips. However, if you use some occasions with high-security requirements, you must use foam. At present, the shredder method consisting of four knives is the most advanced way of working. The paper of shredded paper is neat and neat, and the effect of secrecy can be achieved.

The cutting principle of the shredder is placed in the wrong position by the blade or the cutter, and the paper is torn under the action of the power source. If the tool or the blade is provided with a tooltip, the effect of the shredded paper is segmented or granular. If the tool or the blade is set without the tip, the effect is a strip.

How to decide the price of the shredder

The price of the shredder depends mainly on the function of the shredder. The most important thing to choose the shredder is to look at:
1. The length of time the shredder can continuously shred the paper.
2. What can the shredder break? For example paper, business cards, bank cards, CDs, disks, paper clips, staples, pins.
3. How many sheets of paper can be broken by the bonsai shredder at one time? If you often need to break a lot of documents, you should choose a shredder with a large amount of shredded paper.
4. The confidentiality level of the shredder, that is, how fine the paper shredded by the shredder will reveal some important content.
5. The shredder has an anti-jam function.
It depends on the features you need, so the price you need is different.

For easier, you can check reviews of shredder on dotbeasts and choose best one.

Use and maintenance

  1. The machine tool is precise and sharp. Please pay attention when using it. Do not put the corners, neckties, hair, etc. into the paper feed port to avoid accidental damage.
  2. After the shredded paper is full, please remove it in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine.
  3. Do not put broken cloth, plastic, tape, hard metal, etc.
  4. In order to extend the life of the machine, the amount of shredded paper should be lower than the maximum amount of shredded paper specified by the machine. The machine that does not break the disc, disk, or credit card is not included.

5, clean the machine casing, please cut off the power, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with detergent or soft soapy water, do not let the solution into the machine, do not use bleach, gasoline or thin liquid brush.

  1. Do not let sharp objects touch the outer casing to avoid affecting the appearance of the machine.

Hope you guys understand how shredder helpful in your life…

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