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By on May 22, 2019

It is a tough ask for any student to submit original content. For most students, it is very challenging to work on an assignment, check the plagiarism in the content and even submit the assignment on time. The deadlines of assignments are quite strict and the best students struggle with timely submission as well. It is important for students to use the correct tools so that no risks are taken with their assignment submissions. Academic institutions are very stringent about the originality of assignments submitted by the students. They check numerous factors to see whether the assignment is up to the mark or not. A high grade is only awarded to the student when the assignment fulfills all the requirements including plagiarism. The best way to check plagiarism in an assignment is using a technological tool for this purpose.

Do all plagiarism checking tools work for students? The answer to this question is no. Only a small percentage of plagiarism checkers actually deliver the goods for students. You can consider one of the following tools if you want to submit a 100% original assignment.

Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

The Prepostseo plagiarism checker is surely one of the best tools to check whether the content in an assignment has been copied or not. It is not always the case that a student submits copied content intentionally. A lot of students lack paraphrasing tool and do not use a plagiarism checker to proofread content. Similarly, numerous students do not have any awareness about plagiarism. According to them, there is nothing wrong about copying content. This is obviously not a fact. Plagiarism is a serious problem that can harm the reputation of a student in the long run. Submitting plagiarized papers obviously has long term damages. Students suffer in the academic tenure as well as when they are applying for professional employment options. Here are some key reasons why this plagiarism checker is a good option.

It is a free tool and suits teachers. Professional teachers always have a busy routine and check several assignments. During an academic tenure, checking assignments is an ongoing process for them. An assignment is graded highly only if it is original and there are no issues. Using a top notch tool is quite helpful as all the copied areas of the content are shown.

No complications while using

It is hard to use a tool which has complicated features and hard to use options. This tool is very simple. You only have to paste the content in the form of text or if you have the content in document form, you can upload it. It supports core formats like PDF and DOCX. When you have uploaded the content in the text form or as a document, the tool would check it in a very short time slot. After that, click the button to check the document. This is all that you need to do. When the checking process has been completed, you can rephrase the copied areas and that is all you need to do. After that, simply submit the assignment without having any doubt.

Quick and Free

We normally see that a lot of tools on the internet claim to be free. This is not as simple as it seems. First of all, the tool may not be free forever. It would probably have a trial version. Once the trial period is over, users have to spend money and purchase the complete paid version. This plagiarism checker is free and there are no conditions applied. All the features can be used for free and the user does not have to pay anything.


One of the finest tools for checking plagiarism is Turnitin. It is recommended highly for academic purposes and used by both teachers and students.

  • Submitting plagiarized content is a big issue and a lot of students do not realize this. The right procedures have to be adopted so that all traces of plagiarism can be eliminated. Teachers who are responsible for grading assignments need the best soft wares to check copied content. Turnitin is a good option for them. It offers immense ease of use which is a huge benefit. If you do not have technical knowledge about soft wares, you would still be able to use the tool without any assistance.

Turnitin is a dependable tool and this helps teachers, students and all other kinds of users. Teachers in particular have very less time on their hands. They cannot afford to check the content of every submission. Considering this requirement, Turnitin is a good option for them. It is quick and feasible if a large bulk of assignments has to be checked. is an amazing tool if you are looking for a dependable tool for checking copied content. It has numerous impressive features. For instance, it is free tool without any limitations on the rate of usage. You can use the tool for an unlimited span of time without being apprehensive about the results. Here are the steps which you have to complete to use this tool.

  • When you open the link, you would see a text box. Thus, you can paste the text which you want to be checked. The other alternate is that you can upload the document in the PDF, TXT or DOCX format.

  • Once the document has been uploaded, click the button for checking the content. Within few minutes, you would know whether the document has plagiarized content or not.


Teachers and academic supervisors are very particular about originality of the content. Using a quality plagiarism checking tool saves from you a lot of trouble. First of all, you get a complete guarantee that the content is original. However, getting the best results depends on how good the plagiarism checking tool is. Do not select a tool randomly without checking its standing and reputation. You should remember that the reputation and academic future of a student can suffer due to submission of copied content.

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