Plan a Perfect Holiday Party: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out When Choosing a Hall

By on September 28, 2017
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There are many people who feel that arranging an office holiday party is easy. But, I beg to differ. Last year, I arranged my office holiday party (Christmas-cum-new year’s party) and trust me, it was a neck-cracking experience. From selecting a theme to deciding the menu, from preparing the list and sending invitations, to finding an apt hall, I had to do it all! But, amongst all these essential tasks, the  one that was not just important but also quite difficult for me was booking the right or ideal hall.  Now, you might think why did I find this task difficult when there are so many party venues all across Houston, right? Well, I found this task difficult because I couldn’t just hire a random hall. I had to pick one really carefully so that the party is smoothly executed, and also impressed my honorable guests.

So, are you looking for an ideal party venue for arranging a holiday party? Don’t worry; I’ll help you select the best hall amongst the others. Here are a couple of things that you must never miss out when choosing holiday party venues in Houston, TX. Take a look.

Valet Parking Facility

Since it’s an office party and you’ll be calling your employees and other VIPs, it will be wise that you book a hall that has enough parking space to accommodate all the cars and other vehicles that your invitees will bring with them. And if possible, look for a hall that has a provision of valet parking. Why? Well, I’m suggesting this to you so that your guests and other employees don’t find it difficult to park the cars.

If you are thinking that finding a hall having valet parking is difficult, then you are seriously mistaken. There are numerous private party halls in Houston, TX, which provides this service. However, in case you still find it difficult to find a venue that provides this kind of service, then you can either take referrals from your friends/relatives or search such a hall on the internet.

Separate Section for VIPs

In case you have invited a few business tycoons or other eminent personalities to your event, then obviously you have to give them VIP treatment, isn’t it? So, in that case, while hunting a private party venue, please make sure you check that it has a separate section for the VIPs.

Pick-Up Service

Are a few guests coming from abroad? Well, in that case, you must always send a car to pick them up. Hence, when booking a hall make sure they provide pick-up service or not. Now, you might wonder, why hire such a service from a party venue, when you can rent a car, isn’t it? Well, renting a car make a gigantic hole in your pocket as you’ll not just have to pay the car’s rent but also hire a driver/chauffeur. But if you opt for this service from your party hall, your cost will definitely shrink.

If you want to further impress your guests, then make sure you select a hall that provides a luxury car such as a limousine or Rolls Royce to pick VIP guests.

Photographers and Videographers Services

If you have are planning to arrange a grand party, then you must definitely book a hall that can provide a photography and videographer service. Yes, you can hire a photographer and videographer separately as well but that’s going to be heavy for your pockets. Instead, book a hall that can include photography/videographer packages. Do keep this point in mind if you want to capture the best moments.

So, these were the major things that you shouldn’t miss out when booking private party venues in Houston, TX, for arranging  an office holiday party. Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are a few other things that you can check in order to book the perfect hall, such as:

* Location

* Size of The Hall

* Kinds Of Cuisines Their Catering Service Can Prepare

* Security Service

To get more tips on hall booking, please keep reading my blogs. 

Author Bio– Lori Taylor is an entrepreneur from Houston, who has shared her experience about finding private party venues Houston TX, in this blog. So, if you want to get some essential tips on choosing holiday party venues Houston, TX, read this blog.

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