Planning a Party at University

By on June 20, 2017
Party at University

Studying at university can be expensive, stressful but lots of fun. One of the reasons many people decide to go to university is so that they can take advantage of the social side of things. Drinking, smoking and dancing are just a few of the things that go on at universities up and down the country, and planning your own party can greatly increase your social interaction with people as well as giving everyone a great time. Here are some tips for planning a great party at university.

1. Pick a good time

Don’t plan a party during exam season, and don’t have one at any point in the month before exams start. This is when everybody starts revising and studying harder for their exams, so you will likely end up with a very poor turnout, not to mention that you’ll be busy yourself and will only cause extra stress in your life. The start of a new term or semester is always a good time to plan your party, especially since most students have more money at this time too. If your birthday or another occasion coincides with a good time during the term, you can throw yourself a birthday party.

2. Buy supplies

Once you have a good idea of how many people are going to come to your party, you can start buying supplies for the occasion. This is usually alcohol and other things like hookahs for smoking, but you can decorate your room/flat if you like and also buy games such as beer pong or a pack of cards. You should also sort out a playlist for the night, which should contain around 4-5 hours worth of good music that everybody can dance to. If you’re not sure whether the party is going to be a wild one or a more relaxed gathering, create two different playlists and either alternate between the two or decide on the night which one you want to use. With apps like Spotify, you can pick a song you like and then go to the radio section where similar music will play automatically.

3. Let everybody know in advance

Don’t leave it until the last minute to tell everybody you’re going to throw a party. Create a group chat on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp with everybody you would like to invite, and let them know which date(s) you’re thinking of. People will then be able to tell you whether or not they can make it on this date, which might allow you to change it to a date, which more people will be able to attend.

4. Enjoy yourself

Even though you’re the one organising the entertainment time, you should still be able to enjoy yourself, particularly if it’s your birthday. Ask a couple of friends to help you out if you feel like it will be too much to plan, and get people to bring their own alcohol and food in order to save you some money.

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