Planogram Software- Best Use In Retail Merchandising

By on May 19, 2017
Retail Merchandising

If you are a retail businessman, then planogram will be helpful to your business. Planogram software will show your shop’s production, visibly and the services of it. It is also known as POGs. Planogram is used as a tool for a diagram or image of merchandising of your products. In general, it means a model that specifies the position of retail products that are kept on shelves to enhance the sales on maximum levels,  dictates a retail store’s design. The ultimate effect of the tool is measured by the product’s sales volume. The diagram shows where and how the retail products are to be placed on the retail shelves or so that you can display your products to raise customer purchases.

  Retail Business Owners Get Benefits From Panogram Software

The retail businessmen or retail industrialist utilizes this automated planogram software  to ensure accurate stocking. Like other industries, the retail industry also having the tough competition, that is why the retailers are taking help of planogram software so that it can reflect the exceptional customer desires and the demand of the local area, at the same time maintaining and controlling the supply chain of the products with efficiency.

Retailers are mechanizing the structure of store-specific planograms and show the best placement for the practice products by using the rules of corporate-level business and its limitations. These types of planogramming solutions give chance to the companies to react to the language-specific messaging and location, and product placements, pricing that is based on business rules taken from the location, fixture, and campaigns that attributes to create localized a selection.

Features of the Planogram Software

  • Quick start Planogram Templates: Different floor plans suggestions can make you productive.
  • Automatic Formatting: Not require any artistic talent only the SmartDraw can give you ideas and can arrange everything in a beautiful and perfect way.
  • Extensive Symbol Library: Ready-made visuals of the products like racks, clothes, furniture, bathroom-fixture, kitchen appliances are available in this library.
  • Free Support: You can take help from the experts of SmartDraw as they are available round the clock to help you.
  • Intuitive Interface: You can use planogram and can make your planning of retail space. In this way, you can also save time. It is a simple way to use, even if you do not know the architectural software then also you can do it.

While you are creating design and optimization of the space, you should take care

When you are talking about the designing of the best-merchandised planogram, then you have to use planogram software, because you can get so many benefits from it. You should take care that whether you can create different types of fixtures and place products or not. Whether it can assign and analyze the sales data. It should highlight the stocked products. It should give the reports of the category management. Whether it can share planograms with the clients in any format.

The planogram software helps to the suppliers and retailers all over the world for making the retail space effectively and can drive for excess sales and profits. It is definitely user-friendly means you can make planogram that will suit your requirement very quickly.

Thus, planogram software is helpful to the retail business owners. They get success in their business with this tool and can stand well in this competitive markets.



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