Popular Wedding Looks For Men of Today

By on August 29, 2019
Wedding Looks

Being invited to a wedding is a fun and exciting thing to look forward to, and for many, it starts with the question “What should I wear?” For women, there are so many different options and looks they can pull off, but men have a bit stricter expectations when it comes to dressing up. You’ll take out and dust off your suit, but you can do so much more and really show your personality through the things you will wear, so let’s look at some trends and some tips for men of style:

What does the invitation say?

The first thing you have to master is the dictionary of the dress code, because “black tie” does not mean that you’re supposed to wear a black tie. Once you get familiar with these terms, you’ll see that they start with black tie on top and become less and less strict and formal as you go down the list. With black-tie, there’s little you can do, but if you have friends that appreciate good humor, you can accessorize with a patterned tie, handkerchief or even socks. However, for black-tie optional and all others, you can show a bit more you, and here are a few ideas on how to look good and not steal the spotlight, but still remain yourself.

Hide a pattern

Nobody likes a clown, especially during something like a wedding, but you can still be funny and stylish in a more subtle way. Think of parts of your wardrobe that aren’t seen at all times: the lining of your jacket, your socks, the back of your tie and the under part of your shirt collar. These are the places you can “hide” something fun, like a pattern, pop of color or even a funny message. The fact that it’s only visible sometimes will cause an “Oh, look at that – that’s clever!” reaction rather than people thinking it’s too much.

Have a proper suit

No matter what kind of wedding, no matter what your style and how often you plan to wear it, every man needs a good, proper fitting suit. Yes, suits can get a bit pricey, but it is worth it. If you don’t know what you want and you don’t want to look a fool when you go to a tailor, look at some men’s suits online and find a style you’d like. A three-piece can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never worn suits before, so if it’s not a black-tie wedding, start with a good two-piece.

Consider your date

There’s a special touch of bonding when you go to an event in an outfit partially matching your date. Once again, nothing screaming, just a subtle nod to each other’s outfits, like a little secret you share. You can match in tone and color, or even better, match with the details. If your date’s earrings match your cufflinks, you’ll be the talk of the party for anyone who notices.

Devil’s in the details

It has to be mentioned: go and get your suit dry-cleaned and properly pressed before a big event. No stains, wrinkles, loose threads or rips allowed. But to get back to styling, just throwing on your suit isn’t the end of the job, you need to accessorize. Remember that accessories aren’t just your shoes, tie, and cufflinks – it’s the way you might style your facial hair, how you choose to roll up your sleeves and all the little details that will really make your look complete.

A wedding look for men is simply timeless, and the trends don’t change – but there is a lot more freedom now to personalize your look and really let yourself shine, so use that to the fullest extent.

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