Power packed Pant suit with a chic twist!

By on August 18, 2018

Some people like to say that fashion is more than just clothing. It is a symbol for the times we are living and an indication of what we want to portray ourselves to be. You want to be able to communicate what strong feelings you have and how you proudly stand up for yourself. Be it corset tops, statement belts or pant suits, fashion nowadays is crazy about power dressing. Over the years, pant suits for women have received backlash and that is why it has been so overwhelming for women to be seen in pantsuits these past few years.

It was said that to follow the woman’s attire for a formal environment a skirt must be worn. Hillary broke all the hoax around that belief for sure. The ever growing trend has definitely been caught on over the years. When you see a woman in a pant suit, confident, smart, trustworthy are a few things that come to your mind. The vibe she gives are that of empowerment and class. Corset tops don’t just look amazing; they feel empowering The same goes for pant suits. The formal and corporate world has women lined up in these pant suits. Lawyers, business women, coaches everyone are so obsessed with pantsuits in the today’s world.

I know what you’re thinking: Pantsuits aren’t the most fashionable clothing item, right? But that’s not necessarily true. Pantsuits have the promise to be chic, plus who said you had to buy a boring and formal pantsuit? Pant suits are for all body types and since they have shed their corporate image, there is no bar on colour selection too. My personal favorite is Kerry Parker’s Pin Striped Pant Suit, it seems confident and cute. The best thing about it is that it has a corset top with lace detailing. The hand stitched suit even has lace work on its midriff making it different from any ordinary pant suit. The best thing about corset tops is how well they can be styled with everything. Apart from wide legged pants, you can style this masterpiece with a pencil skirt or a regular well fitted pants.

It does not have to be a boring trend that has just been caught on. In a courtroom decorum, women in the corporate world have defined and given a new level of fashion statements. Pantsuits are one that definitely caught on. The right trouser suit will make you feel like a better version of yourself. And you should know it the second you put it on. Trust me, the right pant suit just feels right. And so it isn’t surprising that political women are so quick to step into one as soon as they have something important to say.

Victoria Beckham showed the world that pantsuits are not just restricted to the corporate world. Gigi, Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many more celebrities have flaunted off these pantsuits in runways and given a smoldering and sexy vibe to these pantsuits. The best part is that these pant suits need minimal accessorizing. If you are going for a light hue or pastels, then you can definitely go for some pearls or scarfs, a dark shade should just be complemented with a pair of sexy crimson strappy heels. So go get yourself one today!

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