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By on December 7, 2015
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There are two types of connection in mobile phones; prepaid and postpaid. The functioning of both the types of connection is different. The prepaid connection is the one where you need to pay in advance and then take the services. In postpaid connection you need to use the service and then pay for them. There are reasons why people prefer to use the prepaid connections over postpaid connections. Some find postpaid connection beneficial and some find prepaid connection to be beneficial. Some of the reasons are listed below which explains why the prepaid connections are used more.

1. Maintains budget

A budget is set for everything at your house. For using the mobile phones also a budget is set. Setting the budget is easy but maintaining it is very difficult. When you use the prepaid connection you can easily manage the budget. In postpaid connection you go on using the phone and when the bill comes you get to know the usage. This is the biggest advantage in prepaid connection.

Mobile recharge promo code for Mobikwik helps you in maintaining your budget by offering great deals.

2. Cashback offers

When you use the prepaid connection you need to recharge it timely. Now the recharge facility is available online. There are many companies that provide the online recharge facilities. The companies try to attract their users by providing the cashback offers. Such offers are tempting and do not let the user leave the site. They provide offers like you recharge online and get cash back of some amount which can be useful in next recharge.

3. Registration is easy

When you go for buying a new prepaid connection it is very easy to get it. The registration process is simple. The documents are checked but it is not a lengthy process and you can get a card within minutes. It is also possible to get a new number online. And the recharge facility is also available online. The registration in postpaid connection is tough as lots of background check is done.

Using the Paytm cashback offers for mobile recharge is safe. The company serves as they say. You can easily trust on them.

4. Safety

Prepaid connections are always safe. You are paying and then taking the services. You can keep a track of the amount used. Postpaid connections are not safe. While using the phone you will never get to know which charges are levied on you. You will get to know about that only when the bill comes. So from that point of view prepaid connections are very safe to use.

5. Benefits of offers

In prepaid connections it is possible to get benefits of offers such as internet facility and other services for single day. You need to recharge and the offers can be sued for a day. This is not possible in postpaid connection.

Marinating your budget is too much important, and you will be able to do it by using prepaid connection. So make your choice before start.


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